30 Ang Mo Kio community cats reported missing in May & June 2019

A cat lover is appealing for information.

Ashley Tan | June 28, 03:01 pm


Ang Mo Kio has seen a spate of missing cat incidents in the months of May and June 2019.

Cats started disappearing in early May

One Ella Yuhui Han posted an update in Facebook group Find AMKNorth Missing Cats on June 28, 2019, detailing what seems to be an ongoing problem involving the neighbourhood’s community cats.

Cats allegedly started disappearing in early May, with the number climbing to 23 by June 17, 2019, according to Han’s post.

A map, presumably made by Han, shows the areas the cats usually frequent or were last seen at.

The incidents occured mainly at Ang Mo Kio Avenues 4 to 6, at HDB blocks numbered between 609 and 647.

Photo from Ella Yuhui Han / FB

The specific addresses and photos of the missing cats were also displayed.

Photo from Ella Yuhui Han / FB

One of the cats above has been crossed out as it has been found at another block.

Missing cats increased to 30

Han posted another update on June 28 — the total number of missing cats has risen to 30.

According to a post on June 22, 2019, Han and several fellow cat lovers have scoured other areas such as farmways, industrial estates, and new BTO estates in the belief that the cats might have been relocated, but to no avail.

Han originally alleged that the mass disappearance of so many cats was the “organised work of the town council or [government] agency”, who had carried out “pest control” and dumped the cats elsewhere.

However, investigations by both the town council and the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) under the National Parks Board revealed that none of the cats have been impounded thus far.

The town council also reported that they had not been instructed to remove 27 of the missing cats (out of 30).

According to Han, the town council has been cooperating with the Cat Welfare Society to carry out the “humane management” of stray cats.

In her update, Han ruled out using HDB CCTV to find the cats because CCTV footage can apparently only be extracted in cases of abuse, welfare negligence, or if a witness statement was provided for the removal of a cat.

What you can do

Han has since been appealing to people for any information regarding the missing cats.

She urged all to “be vigilant”, and for witnesses to capture evidence of culprits if they see a cat being nabbed, or if they see any “suspicious activity”.

Residents and even non-residents of Ang Mo Kio are welcome to work together with Han and participate in a ‘cat patrol’ to search the neighbourhood for the missing cats.

One can even try to search for the cats in their own free time.

If residents of other neighbourhoods spot a new cat in their estate that might look similar to any of the 30 missing cats, they can post a picture in the Find AMKNorth Missing Cats Facebook group as well.

Screenshot from Find AMKNorth Missing Cats  / FB

Han has also uploaded a detailed excel sheet with a full list of the 30 missing cats, photos, and the dates they were last seen on.

The block numbers of the missing cats have been omitted to protect the remaining community cats which reside there. You can view the file here.

You can view Han’s latest update here:

 Top photo from Find AMKNorth Missing Cats / FB

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