US professor tweets ‘objectively correct’ ranking of Southeast Asian cuisines, M’sia & S’pore tied

Oh no.

Mandy How | May 7, 01:42 pm


Food (and water) has always been a sensitive topic between Singapore and Malaysia (perhaps even the whole of Southeast Asia):

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And Tom Pepinsky isn’t here to make it better.

On May 5, the US-based professor (who has a “special interest” in Southeast Asia) tweeted a list of Southeast Asian cuisines.


Vietnamese and Lao cuisine topped the list, followed by Singapore and Malaysia at a tie.

He then follows up with a disclaimer:

Displeasure all around

Needless to say, it did not go down well.

For one, people are questioning Pepinsky’s credibility in ranking SEA cuisines:

Someone even brought Pepinsky’s hairline into it:

Snarky comments were thrown at Pepinsky in general:

Another user even told him about the “rivalry” between Singapore and Malaysia:

Taste cannot be “objective”

Others pointed out that one man’s taste cannot be “objective”:

One user was rather polite, and simply asked for changes to be made:

And one user just summed up Pepinsky’s entire tweet:


Top image via Tom Pepinsky

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