Large tree in Bedok uprooted by thunderstorm on May. 8 morning despite hidden in HDB estate

Hello police, we have a casualty here. It's Groot.

Zhangxin Zheng | May 8, 06:38 pm


For those who stayed up to watch how Liverpool thrash Barcelona on May 8 morning, you might also be surprised by the extreme weather during the wee hours.

While folks living near Thomson Road might have enjoyed a phenomenal sight like this:

Photographer captures dramatic lightning shot during thunderstorm at 4am along Thomson Road

Those in Bedok woke up to a collapsed giant tree.

Huge tree uprooted in HDB Estate

A gigantic tree was spotted uprooted by passers-by near Block 118 along Bedok North Street 2 after the thunderstorm.

The tree, which was almost the length of the adjacent sheltered walkway, was entirely uprooted from the ground.

While it is uncertain what caused the tree to fall, one can tell that the tree has relatively shallow roots in contrast to the large tree crown which might explain why it cannot withstand the storm.

Here are some photos of the tree:

Photo from Edwardo Lee Facebook.
Photo from Edwardo Lee Facebook.
Photo from Edwardo Lee Facebook.
Photo from Edwardo Lee Facebook.

Hopefully, no one was hurt.

Extreme thunderstorm on May. 8 morning

A huge thunderstorm was observed moving from the west to the east in Singapore on May 8, 2019.

Here’s how it looked like on the live rain map as the intense rain cloud passed by.


Top photo collage from photo by Edwardo Lee and screenshot from haz’s post.

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