Taiwanese man’s AirPods work fine after accidentally swallowing it in his sleep & pooping it out

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Zhangxin Zheng | May 2, 11:40 pm


As accessories get smaller, they tend to go missing more easily.

A Taiwanese man thought he lost one side of his AirPods, but later found it in the least expected of places — inside his body.

Here’s what happened.

Man swallowed AirPod in his sleep

A man from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, with the surname Hsu, put on his AirPods while using his phone before retiring for the night on April 23, 2019.

However, he forgot to remove his AirPods before falling asleep.

When he woke up the next day, he found that one of his AirPods, from the right ear, was missing.

He then used his iPhone to locate his missing AirPod and only did he realise that he accidentally swallowed it as the beeping sound came from his stomach.

Removed AirPod from the body

As a result, he quickly went to the hospital for help.

The doctor asked Hsu to turn on the music, but as the AirPod might have run out of battery, they could not hear it emanating from within him.

However, they could still detect the AirPod in Hsu’s body using Bluetooth tracking.

The doctor said the plastic cover on the AirPod reduced the health hazard that it could possibly impose on Hsu — such as having it dissolve by his gut fluids.

Hsu subsequently managed to take a big dump after consuming some laxatives and egested the AirPod.

Photo from HK01.

From the video, he took out an object from his faeces, which was indeed his AirPod.

Hsu also revealed that he cleaned the AirPod afterwards and both sides still functioned normally.

He will continue using them.

You can watch the interview about this incident here:

For those who are curious enough, here’s the video of the man digging the AirPod out from his poop.

*Graphic warning*

*Graphic warning*

Top photo collage from screenshots via HK01.

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