Taiwanese charcoal grilled toast & milk tea restaurant Fong Sheng Hao opening in S’pore soon


Melanie Lim | May 31, 02:49 pm


If you’ve been to Taiwan’s Shilin District before, you might have visited Fong Sheng Hao, a Taiwanese restaurant known for their charcoal grilled toasts and milk tea.

Singaporeans will soon have a chance to experience this Taiwanese delight as Fong Sheng Hao has announced plans to open its first international outlet here this year.

Image via Fong Sheng Hao Facebook

Fong Sheng Hao’s number one selling item has to be their pork and egg sandwich, with a record of one sandwich being sold every two minutes:

Image via Fong Sheng Hao Facebook

Whilst their Feng Sheng sandwich is a hot favourite that is usually sold out within three hours daily.

It consists of peanut butter, egg, meat slices, mashed potato and tomato, with a portion that is big enough for two people:

Image via Fong Sheng Hao Facebook

There’s also their peanut butter special, which is made of peanut butter chunks spread all over their signature charcoal toast and sprinkled with peanut powder:

Image via Fong Sheng Hao Facebook

And the floss and egg sandwich, which combines egg floss and condensed milk in a sweet and savoury mix:

Image via Fong Sheng Hao Facebook

Other items on the menu include the Feng Sheng signature milk tea, which uses fresh milk instead of milk powder for a smoother and more natural taste:

Image via Fong Sheng Hao Facebook

And their cane flavoured black tea, which is slow boiled for 12 hours:

Image via Fong Sheng Hao Facebook

In a photo with a backdrop of Marina Bay Sands, Fong Sheng Hao has hinted that their new outlet will be “located within a nice shopping mall, connected to a train interchange with lots of working adults”.

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[Fong Sheng Hao X Singapore] Milk Tea : Am I dreaming, Toast!? Charcoal Toast : Why? Milk Tea : Singapore is such a beautiful place! I’m looking forward to see everyone here! 😍 Charcoal Toast : Indeed Milk Tea, I’m sure Singaporean would gives us a warm welcome~ 🎉 Milk Tea : But, where’s our location? Charcoal Toast : Hmmm, I shall say that it is located within a nice shopping mall, connected to a train interchange with lots of working adults …… hey, I can't say anymore, you’ll find out very soon 😉 Milk Tea : Oh, I'm so excited for this~ 😘 Singaporeans, can you figure out the location? [ 豐盛號 X 新加坡 ] 紅茶牛奶:吐司哥哥,我不是在做夢吧!? 炭烤吐司:怎麼說呢? 紅茶牛奶:新加坡比我想像中的還要美啦,我迫不及待的想要和大家見面了!😍 炭烤吐司:對啊紅茶妹妹,相信大家一定會熱烈歡迎我們~ 🎉 紅茶牛奶:那我們的地點在哪裡啊 炭烤吐司:嘿嘿先賣個關子,我只能說那裡是個非常棒的購物中心、有許多上班族朋友們、是個雙線捷運站…… 哎呀,我不能透漏太多,妳很快就會知道了 😉 紅茶牛奶:天啊,我已經等不及了~ 😘 新加坡的朋友們,猜得出是哪裡嗎?

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Which has left many curious Singaporeans wondering where exactly the new store’s location will be.

For now, here are some snaps from others who have tried these delectable toasts and drinks in Taiwan:

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.🇹🇼DAY❺ 22/nov/2017 朝から車線を間違えて、待っていたバスが反対車線を通り過ぎ タクシーに乗り込んだら、おっちゃん道を間違えてタクシー代いらない💦って言い出すし あくがれのインスタグラマーさん(以下あくがれさん)に会えて、興奮して、わけわかんない話しちゃうし 毎日がデコボコで楽しいよ台北! あくがれさんが、うんめーサンドイッチ屋に連れてってくれましたウホウホーー 二人で半分こして、ローカルな市場や五金行をくまなくチェックして爆笑したり 新竹から友達が遊びに来てくれたり とにかく盛りだくさんだったわ!! あー楽しかったああ お二人ともありがとうー! (あくがれさん、ステキなお土産アザース😆 ________________________________________________ #豐盛號 #三明治 #士林 #台北 #taipei #台湾 #taiwan #maquita50viaje #maquita50viaje_TW #maquita50viaje_nov2017 #台湾びしょく

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A simple yet local kind of #toasttuesday ! @fong_sheng_hao is listed as one of the top 10 must-eat breakfast in Taipei. Their signature item is the pork chop-egg sandwich. It might sound a bit ordinary, but what makes it special is that they make the toast themselves! Unlike typical toast in Taiwan that are quite airy and fluffy, their toast is rather dense and chewy. Slightly toasted upon order, so it’s a bit crispy outside, yet still chewy inside. A side note, their milk tea is actually more outstanding 🙊 P.s. Featuring the precious hand model who came all the way from Korea ❤️ 過年期間很多傳統早餐店都沒開門,最後找到了台北十大必吃的富盛號!現烤的肉蛋吐司,偏扎實有嚼勁的自家吐司,還不錯!可是⋯紅茶牛奶更好喝~~ . . . . . . . . #台北美食 #早餐 #朝食 #台北 #eatwitheva_tpe #taipei

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Top image courtesy of Fong Sheng Hao on Facebook and kokofoodsharing on Instagram

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