S’pore Taekwondo Federation’s legal action “unfortunate”, urged to “better engage” athletes: SportsSG

The STF had accused an athlete of defamation.

Andrew Koay | May 7, 06:03 pm


Sport Singapore (SportSG) has responded to the legal tussle between the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) and national athlete Ng Ming Wei, calling the situation “a very unfortunate development”.

The statutory board — which comes under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) — added that they hoped for a resolution between the two parties.

In a statement sent to Mothership, a SportSG spokesperson said:

“It is a very unfortunate development that we hope both parties would be able to reach a resolution on. The Singapore Taekwondo Federation should be cognisant that its legal action, if not well founded, could be detrimental to their standing and role of leading the Taekwondo fraternity in Singapore to greater heights.”

Response to athlete’s dissatisfaction

The spokesperson also responded to allegations raised by eight national athletes in a Mothership report by urging the STF to improve their engagement of athletes:

“We encourage the federation to better engage their athletes and harness their interest and passion to grow the sport.”

The allegations included that training with the national squad was often akin to self-training, with one athlete alleging that she received “no proper training” in the lead up to a major competition.

Dissatisfaction & fear: S’pore taekwondo athletes open up about experiences in national squad

STF accused Ng of defamation

On May 1, Mothership reported that Ng had received a six-page letter from Templars Law LLC on April 24, 2019.

S’pore Taekwondo Federation accuses national player Ng Ming Wei of defamation in legal letter

In the letter, the STF moved to accuse Ng of making “false allegations” and “misleading statements” to the media, which had consequently “defamed STF by targeting (its) integrity”.

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I have always been deeply grateful and appreciative of having had the chance to represent Singapore 🥋🇸🇬 . I have always believed that the STF played at least some part in my sporting achievements thus far and I have always truly appreciated what help they gave, even if I was of the opinion that they could do more. . I was therefore extremely disappointed to receive a letter from the STF's lawyers on 24 April 2019. They have alleged that I have defamed them via news articles published on Mothership.sg and Shin Min Daily News. They are demanding that I refrain from further bringing the same issues into the public eye. . I did not start this and have denied all of their allegations and demands. I honestly regret that the STF has chosen to spend money to commence legal action against me. Couldn't this money have been better spent on training and competition opportunities for the team? . All I wanted to do was to do my best for Singapore. Likewise for my team mates in the National Squad 😔 . But now that it has come to this – if i am going to have to defend myself, I am prepared to defend myself all the way. I just wish things didnt turn out this way 😥😔😭. . Please share, like and comment. I need your voice. (Link in Bio) 🙏🏻 . #taekwondo #ming2020 #tkd #teamsingapore #teamsg #oneteamSG #SEAGames2015

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Ng wrote in a post on Instagram, his regret that the STF was spending money on their legal action against him.

“Couldn’t this money have been better spent on training and competition opportunities for the team?” he wrote, while adding “if I am going to have to defend myself, I am prepared to defend myself all the way”.

Top image from Sport Singapore website and Ng Ming Wei Facebook

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