Primary school teacher in S’pore greets students with hi-5, hug or special dance in the morning


Tanya Ong | May 17, 11:33 am


Viral videos of teachers having special greetings with their students have populated the web.

For instance, in the United States, a North Carolina teacher has personalised handshakes with each student of his.

In Thailand, a teacher also went viral for her special greetings:

Thai teacher goes viral for greeting her students with special handshakes & hugs before class

Now, it appears that a teacher in Singapore has adopted a similar practice.

Four different greetings

This is according to a video uploaded to Facebook by DPS Primary Blossoms, an international school in Singapore located at Kovan.

The video shows primary school students waiting in line to be greeted by their teacher.

The students get to choose between four different possible greetings: a hug, handshake, hi-five, or special dance.

Screengrab via FB/DPS Primary Blossoms
Screengrab via FB/DPS Primary Blossoms

Screengrab via FB/DPS Primary Blossoms

This is the full video:


Top photo compilation via FB/DPS Primary Blossoms

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