Driver in S'pore appeals for volunteers to ferry elderly stroke survivor working as night guard

The passenger had suffered two strokes and eight major falls.

Mandy How| May 29, 03:28 PM

On May 29, 2019, a driver in Singapore known as Melvin Poh put up a Facebook post appealing for fellow drivers to ferry an elderly security guard home daily for a lowered fee.

This is in hopes of helping the elderly man, who is a former stroke patient, save some money on transport fares.

Two strokes and eight major falls

Poh first came to know of the security guard, Din, when he picked the latter up at 3:20am from United Square.

However, when they reached Din's destination, Poh found out that Din is working as a security guard in the wee hours of the morning.

As the passenger slowly made his way to Poh's car while gripping a walking stick with one hand, Poh realised that the fingers on Din's other hand were amputated.

On the journey, Poh also learnt that Din had suffered two strokes and eight major falls, and had been jobless for eight years before being certified by the doctor to be able to perform light duties.

It was only after many job interviews that he got his current job as a security guard.

Learnt to write with left hand

Throughout the eight years of disability, however, Din learnt to write with his left hand and improved his overall mobility, in hopes of rejoining the workforce.

His job as a security guard reportedly earns him S$65 a day.

Din told Poh that he is not allowed to claim for transport when he finishes work at 3am.

As he cannot afford to suffer another major fall, Din relies on services like Go-Jek and Grab as his means of transport, allegedly spending S$30 each day -- around half his pay.

Hearing this, Poh offered to pick him up from work everyday for S$10, so that Din might save some money.

Looking for more drivers

However, as Poh is unable to ferry Din every day due to other work commitments, the driver is looking for other drivers who can help ferry Din home from work.

Here are the details he provided:

Pick up: United Square

Destination: Rivervale Crescent

Time: 4am

Fare: S$10

Donations from kind souls

Within a few hours, Poh claimed that he has started to receive donations from "kind soul".

However, it is not clear how the money was transferred since the driver did not put out any payment details.

Nonetheless, Poh is asking for the donations to stop, as he is only looking for volunteer drivers.

The current donations that he has received will be used to pay for Din's transport fares.

For those who wish to help, you can either ferry Din home or wait for the funding page that Poh will be setting up:

Original post here:

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