New S’pore app allows renting of camera equipment & game consoles for cheap

The feeling of having one for a fraction of the price.

Guan Zhen Tan| May 22, 07:44 PM

Ever felt too poor to buy a device or a console?

MyRent is a solution to that problem.

MyRent is an app based in Singapore, which looks to help Singaporeans monetise their belongings by renting them out on the app.

Users can look towards borrowing devices, game consoles, cameras, clothing and more for a short period of time at an affordable price.

This is Singapore’s first peer-to-peer rental platform.

The app was first introduced during its beta launch in December 2018. 

It has now over 2,000 registered users and over 800 active listings in Singapore.

What's for rent?

For example, a Canon EOS 550D camera can be rented for as low as S$5 a day.

A DJI Spark Drone goes from S$6 a day, while a Nintendo Switch can be yours for S$8 a day.

One can also put clothes such as dresses and winter clothing up for rent.

To rent something via the platform, all you need to do is to do the following:

Protection guarantee

Some Singaporeans aren't exactly the most careful sort.

As such, MyRent has a Lender Protection Gurantee of up to S$1,000, which will be used at their discretion to cover compensation or replacement of the item in the event it is mishandled or stolen.

At the same time, certain items have a refundable deposit, such as, uh, this off-white tee, which costs S$5 per day to rent but has S$50 refundable deposit.

Referral bonus

First-time listers with a verified account will also get S$2.

If you refer a friend, your friend will get S$20 off their first rental, and you will also get to enjoy S$10 off your next rental.

You can access MyRent on the Google Play Store here, and on the App Store here.

All screenshots and top image adapted via the MyRent app