Razer will be making a toaster soon, thanks to 5 years of fan pressure & 12 Razer Toaster tattoos

This deserves a toast.

Nyi Nyi Thet | May 1, 08:35 am


Razer is primarily known for their gaming products.

Even tangentially related products like mobile phones and routers tend to have some gaming aspect to tie them together.

This one’s a bit more iffy.

A small section of the Razer crowd have been baying for a rather unconventional product for a while now.

Image from “Give us the razer toaster” Facebook page

Yup, a toaster.

A while ago, an off handed remark about Razer Toasters launched this page.

Image from Razer toaster pls

The criteria was quite simple, get a million likes on their Facebook page and get the toaster.

However, a million likes is really quite difficult to get.

While the community grew relatively quickly, they were only around 44,000 likes after their five year journey.

Which resulted in this alternative being agreed upon by the community and Razer CEO, Tan Min-Liang.

Image from Razer toaster pls

Yup, so one Razer toaster tattoo basically equalling 100,000 likes.

A little over a month later, 12 people had gotten said tattoos.

Here are two of them.

Tan, after crushing any hopes for a tattoo for five long years, finally acquiesced to the toaster community.


Image from “Give us the Razer toaster” Facebook page

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