Peregrine falcon casually ripping other bird's head off for lunch in CBD

That's nature for you.

Tanya Ong | May 09, 2019, 03:57 PM

A peregrine falcon was recently spotted at the Central Business District (CBD) area.

Peregrine falcon at CBD window

A photo of the bird was uploaded to Reddit by one vfstevens on May 9, with the caption "Another sighting of the Peregrine CBD falcon".

The bird, which can be seen perched by the window, also appeared to have brought its lunch along.

You can see it below, but be warned that the image is rather graphic.

Here it is:

Photo via Reddit, u/vfstevens

Separately, the same Reddit user also uploaded a video of the falcon ripping the bird's head out.

The most common prey for peregrine falcons are pigeons.

Screenshot via video by Reddit u/vfstevens

Screenshot via video by Reddit u/vfstevens


Peregrine falcons in Singapore

Peregrine falcons can be found almost worldwide.

The migratory Falco peregrinus japonensis is the most regularly-seen subspecies in Singapore, with sightings mostly occurring between October to April.

They can be encountered anywhere in Singapore.

Apart from the migratory subspecies, Falco peregrinus ernesti is another subspecies that can be found in Singapore.

The bird that was photographed, which has a dark hood, is likely to be of the Falco peregrinus ernesti subspecies.

Top photo via Reddit u/vfstevens