Over 20 rats struggle to escape trash bin in Pasir Ris after happy meal


Zhangxin Zheng | May 03, 2019, 04:18 PM

Rats are probably one of the least welcomed guests you will want to see in your neighbourhood.

A video circulating online showed an unsightly scene of rats in an open trash bin found at Pasir Ris Drive 6, near Blk 633.

Over 20 rats found in trash bin

According to Shin Min Daily News, there was a swarm of over 22 huge rats, each of about 15cm long, in the bin.

The reporter found out from a cleaner that the video was taken two months ago.

The cleaner recalled that he was taken aback by the sight and had to get another colleague to help exterminate the rats with rat poison.

From the video, rats in the trash bin were making high jumps in their attempts to get out of it.

However, none succeeded in escaping.

The bin was nearly empty but one can spot a black trash bag, egg cardboard trays as well as the packaging of a fillet-o-fish meal that someone tapao-ed (takeaway).


Rats infestation in Pasir Ris

Residents interviewed by the Shin Min reporter shared that rats infestation has been a perennial problem for the past six years.

A resident shared that she was resting on a sofa one day when she suddenly heard squeaking sound from the rat which had sneaked into her house.

When interviewed, another 20-year-old resident Amirul shared that the problem has worsened in recent years.

The reporter also understood from him that the rats will appear almost every night and his family has chosen to take a longer route home to avoid the rats.

Irresponsible disposal of waste breeds rats

The cause of the rat infestation may be due to the irresponsible behaviour of residents.

Residents shared with the Shin Min reporter that there are residents who litter from their homes in the block, and  trash bins are often found overflowing with trash.

There are also cats and birds feeders in the area.

Town council responds

A spokesperson of Pasir Ris - Punggol Town Council shared that they have increased efforts last month to tackle the rat problem.

The town council said that they will work closely with the pest control company to exterminate the rats and the feeding sources.

But they urge residents to avoid throwing food irresponsibly.

A 53-year-old resident, Lin, shared with the reporter that the town council was informed and will engage a pest control company promptly to remove the rats the next day.

Unfortunately, the rats will make a comeback after a while.

Hence, Lin hopes that the agency can find a sustainable solution to prevent any hygiene issue.


Top photo collage from screenshot of Jun Hao's Facebook video and Google Maps