Ondeh-ondeh & honey cornflakes-inspired Kit Kat now available in S'pore for S$7.50


Andrew Koay | May 18, 2019, 08:20 PM

With Hari Raya just around the corner, many of us will be looking forward to indulging in some traditional goodies.

But for those who want something a bit different, KitKat has quite an impressive range of locally-flavoured chocolates.

As part of their Chocolatory range, they've added two more flavors -- ondeh-ondeh and honey cornflakes-inspired ones.

The actual flavour for the latter, however, is cornflakes and cranberry.

They are available on RedMart for S$7.50 per box.

According to @snackdetectives on Instagram, the ondeh-ondeh KitKat has the smell and flavour you'd expect from the real thing.

And while the texture was not comparable, the cream was apparently "fantastisch".

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KitKat Onde Onde! * * I love Asian desserts! Especially anything flavoured with pandan & coconut. Onde Onde are glutinous (sticky) rice balls flavoured with pandan, filled with Palm sugar and covered in shredded coconut. Its sweet & chewy and delicious. So of course I had to get this special local KitKat flavour. Its described as a wafer with cream & flavourings covered in white confectionary & shredded coconut. I absolutely loooved this KitKat. There was def an Onde-Onde smell & flavour (more subtle though). The cream was fantastisch, was quite some of it that gave a nice soft sweet taste. The taste is good, but the only problem is that What really makes this Onde-Onde is the chewy texture with the Palm sugar in the middle and that is impossible capture in a KitKat. BUT I am not complaining bc this is my fave so far, just bc of the cream. Have you tried this KitKat yet? . #ondeonde #ondehondeh #kitkat #pandan #coconut #kitkatchocolatory #kitkats #kuih #dessertlover #foodporn #snacks #junkfoodjunkie #foodfinds #foodreview #macros #cookiesandcream #wafer #schokoliebe #igfitness

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Other flavours

You'll also be able to find some other KitKat variants from the Chocolatory range, such as nasi lemak, durian delight, and milk tea and rose.

Image from RedMart

Image from RedMart

Image from RedMart

According to the product description on RedMart, these special edition chocolates are handcrafted daily and available exclusively online to RedMart Singapore.

They are also planning on introducing unique flavours every two months.

Might be time to start stocking up before they're all gone.

Top image from RedMart and @snackdetectives Instagram