Extremely helpful foreign workers move stone block to help S’pore lady retrieve dropped keys

She bought them drinks to show her appreciation.

Tanya Ong | May 3, 2019 @ 12:09 pm


Accidentally dropping your keys in hard-to-reach crevices, such as drains or cracks, can be a real nightmare.

For one Ophelia Lee, this was exactly what happened at Kallang Riverside Park.

Dropped keys on to a beam beneath bridge

In a series of Instagram stories posted to Facebook, Lee shared how she dropped her keys through a crack on a bridge at the park.

Fortunately for Lee, a foreign worker approached her to offer assistance after he saw her squatting on the bridge.

Photo via FB/Ophelia Lee.

It turned out that her keys had dropped onto a beam beneath the bridge.

To help retrieve her keys, the foreign worker called over more people with tools to help move the stone block.

Here are some screenshots from the videos Lee uploaded:

Photo via FB/Ophelia Lee.


Photo via FB/Ophelia Lee.


Photo via FB/Ophelia Lee.

And these are her videos:

“Be kind”

To express her appreciation, Lee bought the foreign workers drinks.

She added:

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind, don’t be a jerk!”


Here’s her Facebook post:

Top photo via FB/Ophelia Lee.

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