Photographer makes S'pore look like futuristic metropolis straight out of sci-fi movie

Really out there.

Ashley Tan | May 25, 2019, 11:19 PM

You have to admit that Singapore does boast some stunning architecture.

These shots though are something else.

Futuristic space vibes

A photographer based in Singapore named Kevin has been photographing various places and buildings around Singapore.

The photos, which are uploaded to his Instagram @kevouthere, makes Singapore look like some fictional megapolis from a sci-fi movie.

Most of the shots are taken at night, and the bright lights illuminating the buildings and spaces lend a rather space-age feel.

Pictures of Singapore's tourist destinations feature prominently, like the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) building.

MBS' trademark 'spaceship' on top of the three towers, already looks pretty futuristic even in the day.

But Kevin takes it to another level.

Photo by @kevouthere / IG

Check out the blood-red moon in the photo.

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Triplets and the pink moon. 🌕

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This aerial shot of the Gardens by the Bay's Flower Dome looks like some mysterious greenhouse menagerie.

Photo by @kevouthere / IG

While this one of the Singapore Sports Hub at Kallang really looks like a round UFO.

Photo by @kevouthere / IG

Alien planet??

And then there are the stunning shots of Gardens By The Bay that paints Singapore as a tropical alien planet filled with lush greenery, and some really weird trees.

Photo by @kevouthere / IG

Photo by @kevouthere / IG

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Constantly stuck in a fantasy world. 🏝✨

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The photo taken of the bridges inside the Cloud Forest looks like a highly advanced, and slightly menacing spaceship.

The thick mist and lights really contribute to that unearthly feel.

Photo by @kevouthere / IG

Kevin's photos of Gardens By The Bay can even be reminiscent of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis from DC's latest movie Aquaman too.

Photo from @AndKrew_ / Twitter

Regular buildings transformed

Regular buildings are usually less flamboyant as compared to tourist destinations like MBS, which are meant to wow visitors to the country.

But Kevin has even managed to transform these buildings to something unexpected.

Take for example, his photo of the lego-like Sky Habitat condominium in Bishan.

Photo by @kevouthere / IG

Or The Interlace at Harbourfront.

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Jenga in the jungle. Would you live in this building? 🌳🎮

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Building facades are not the only thing that take on a new perspective through Kevin's lens, but the interiors as well.

This dark shot of the inside of The Hive NTU looks more gloomy and dystopian.

Photo by @kevouthere / IG

Seriously, your imagination can run wild with these photos.

Very cool.

Top photos by @kevouthere / IG