HK star Karen Mok to retire from concert touring after 25 years in show business

Her last S'pore concert tour will be in June, 2019.

Joshua Lee | May 29, 2019, 03:12 PM

Hong Kong singer-actress Karen Mok will be retiring from concert touring once her current world tour ends.

In an interview with CNA, Mok said that it is now the right time to stop while she is still at her peak.

“It’s the gut feel that now it’s the right time...Even on day one, when I started my career, I told myself 'One should really try to quit at the top, at the peak'," she said to CNA.

The 49-year-old Mok is celebrating her 25th year in show business this year.

To commemorate it, she embarked on the The Ultimate Karen Mok Show world tour, which will be showing in Singapore on June 15, 2019 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Tickets for the show range from S$108 to S$228.

According to Mok, people who work in show business will always be looking for the next peak or the next "high" because this industry is "very addictive".

However, she added that one needs to know when to stop before one maxes out.

"I feel that now is the best time, for me to call it a day and move on to the next thing," she said to CNA.

While Mok says that her career isn't going downhill anytime soon, she needs to consider her physical state and stamina as a performer.

Quite the Renaissance woman, Mok has starred in numerous movies including Around The World in 80 Days, The Man of Tai Chi, Enter The Phoenix, and The Great Hypnotist.

Musically, Mok has put out a total of 17 albums spanning 25 years from 1993.

She has also been the face of numerous worldwide brands like Canon, Kappa, Cadillac, Clear, Titus, and Mandarin Oriental.

A possible post-retirement plan might come in the form of farming.

She told reporters in 2015 that a possible retirement scenario would be making wine in a vineyard

“In five years, we would probably buy a vineyard and become farmers, grow grapes and make wine,”

Delving into Chinese musical theatre

Post-concert touring, Mok is considering delving deeper into Chinese musical theatre.

"You look at China or this whole greater China, it’s so massive! It would be stupid to not have a musical theatre industry...We need something like that. London has their West End, and New York has Broadway. I think Chinese audiences are ready for their own version," she said.

To Mok, musical theatre is the highest form of performing because it involves singing, dancing, acting all at once.

"It's kind of like my job. My mission. My calling," she said to CNA.

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