Huawei banned by SD cards, WiFi & chip maker associations, Bluetooth might be next

One by one.

Nyi Nyi Thet | May 25, 2019, 03:34 PM

Huawei has taken quite the shellacking ever since the Trump ban came into effect about a week ago.

Bans by Google, and by association, Android, have been seen as the two biggest hits to the Chinese smartphone company.

But even with the 90-day delay in the ban provide a glimmer of a lifeline, there have been some rumblings among tech associations in the United States over the past few days.

Here's a quick rundown of the hardware developments that might affect Huawei.

Chip designer ARM has suspended business with Huawei.

It is a move that could lead to severe problems for the Chinese telecom company, as it threatens Huawei’s ability to create their own chips.

Huawei was also hit by a ban by the SD association, the trade group responsible for standardising SD and micro SD cards.

What this means is that Huawei will not be allowed to use official SDA branding and will not be involved in setting standards for the SD cards in the future.

Basically the same thing happened with the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Which might make it troublesome for devices not in the alliance to adhere to the WiFi standard.

Android Authority elaborated on this potential stumbling block for future Huawei phones:

"A possible response to this could be Huawei and China developing their own Wi-Fi consortium or joining with other consortiums not based in the U.S. While these are viable options, without a membership to the U.S.-based Wi-Fi Alliance, Huawei will have a seriously difficult time competing in the global market."

And this might not even be the end of it.


Another potential domino to fall might be Bluetooth.

Bluetooth SIG is a non-profit corporation in Washington.

They basically own the close-sourced wireless technology, which means no one can build a product that houses Bluetooth without their approval.

It remains to be seen whether Bluetooth SIG will comply with the ban, but it doesn't look good for Huawei.

Which leads to the same problem that Huawei will have with every other U.S. tech company.

Huawei's chief isn't that worried though

Image collated from Huawei and Bluetooth