S'pore Grab driver no qualms with passenger breaking fast in car, jokingly asks for 1 keropok in exchange

Very wholesome.

Ashley Tan| May 15, 04:06 PM

Being considerate goes a long way -- especially if one is a Grab driver ferrying passengers around regardless of distance.

And here's one incident that is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Compassionate driver allows passenger to break fast

A Grab passenger, Izzy Padawan Ismail, took to Facebook on May 14, 2019 to share her own wholesome experience.

Izzy described how she was travelling home via Grab in order to buka (break fast).

However, this was in vain as the time for her to break fast was quickly approaching.

And Izzy knew that it might be rude to eat or drink in someone else's car if the break fast moment occurs while still on her ride.

At 7pm, the Grab driver, whom Izzy only identified as one Mr Lee, told his passenger that it was fine for her to break fast in the car.

In a sympathetic gesture, Lee also said that he did not mind, and even jokingly asked for one keropok in exchange.

Izzy replied that she would only be breaking fast at 7:08pm, and when that time arrived, informed Lee that she was about to take a sip of her drink.

Lee candidly told her to just drink, as he said: "I don't care one".

Very grateful

In her post, Izzy detailed how grateful she was for Lee's understanding, and continued that although this might seem like a small insignificant gesture, it deserved some "recognition".

You can read Izzy's original Facebook post here:

And for easier reading, here's the caption:

"I would like to tell you about my recent grab ride this evening.

Trying to reach home on time for buka was impossible and of course, eating/drinking in someone's car seems inappropriate/rude.

However, at 7PM, Mr Lee told me, 'eh if you have to break your fast in the car just eat OK, I don't mind, just give me one keropok hahahaha' and smiled. I told him 'not yet, 7:08PM, sir'.

At 7:08PM, I informed him that I will be breaking my fast now and I'm going to take a sip of my drink. He said, 'drink la aiyo, I don't care one hahahahaha'.

Bless you sir.. Not many drivers these days are as understanding as you. Your gesture might be small to some but to me, you deserve recognition."

Post went viral

Izzy's post has since gone viral with 832 shares and 1,500 likes.

Many commenters were supportive of Izzy and lauded Lee for his kind gesture.

But one commenter proceeded to ask the one question probably on all of your minds.

Other kind Grab driver

This is not the first instance of a compassionate Grab driver in action.

Another driver with the surname Ang had offered a free ride for the passenger who was on the way to bring his injured son to the hospital.

Top photo from Izzy Padawan Ismail / Facebook