Elderly man in China opens airplane emergency exit door because he didn't want to queue to disembark


Tanya Ong | May 06, 2019, 10:17 PM

People sometimes do seemingly strange things when on board flights.

Take for instance, cases of people throwing coins into plane engines for luck:

Or opening the emergency exit door for situations that are clearly not emergencies.

This what exactly what one elderly man did on a Shandong Airlines flight on April 21, according to The Shanghaiist.

Got impatient when the plane landed

The 65-year-old man, known only as 'Song', was travelling from Jinan to Putuoshan, located southeast of Shanghai.

When the plane landed, other passengers started to queue up to disembark. The man, however, whose seat was towards the rear-end of the plane, grew impatient.

In a bid to exit the plane quicker, he pulled on the handle of the emergency door next to him. Upon seeing that there was no ladder to get down from the hatch, he turned back.

Arrested and detained

Flight attendants quickly closed the exit without causing any delay to other passengers.

However, Song was arrested by local police and subsequently detained for 10 days, SCMP reported.

He apparently told the authorities that it was his first time flying on a plane, and was not aware that he was not supposed to open the emergency exit door.

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