Helmet-less PMD rider illegally riding on Woodlands road crashes into car, blames driver for braking

E-scooters aren't allowed on roads.

Tanya Ong | May 24, 10:43 am


Another day, another incident to prove a personal mobility device (PMD) is a hazard to everyone.

In a video submitted to Facebook page Roads.sg, an e-scooter rider is seen crashing into the back of a vehicle — while illegally riding on the road.

E-scooter rider crashes into vehicle

In the video, which was uploaded on May 24, a man on an e-scooter can be seen riding along Woodlands Ring Road.

Screenshot via ROADS.sg video

The driver of the vehicle claimed that he pulled to a stop as he was approaching a pedestrian crossing.

At this point, the e-scooter rider is seen crashing into the back of his vehicle.

Screenshot via ROADS.sg video
Screenshot via ROADS.sg video
Screenshot via ROADS.sg video

The driver said that he came out of the car to confront the rider.

He claimed that the rider not only responded rudely, but even blamed the driver for “braking suddenly”.

Rider allegedly did not want to pay for repairs

Claiming that his car was slightly damaged, the driver said that he took down the rider’s phone number.

The rider, however, allegedly told him that he did not have the money to pay for repairs, and subsequently blocked the driver’s calls.

The driver added that a police report has been made.

Under the Active Mobility Act, e-scooters are not allowed on roads and pedestrian-only paths. First-time offenders face a S$300 fine for riding on local roads, and S$500 on major roads.

This is the video:

Top photo via ROADS.sg video screenshots.

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