Domestic helper stole S$5,002 from S'pore employer & hid it in vajayjay for 3 days

It was apparently not the first time she stole.

Tanya Ong| May 09, 06:58 PM

A 28-year-old domestic helper allegedly stole S$5,002 from her employer -- after successfully stealing a few thousand dollars before this.

Employers discovered money missing & called police

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the domestic helper apparently discovered the key and passcode to her employer's safe deposit box, and allegedly stole a total of S$5,002 from the safe.

The Straits Times revealed her name as Bajo Nelgielyn Bobita, 28, from the Philippines.

She then supposedly concealed the money in sanitary pads in her room.

When her employer discovered the money missing, they lodged a police report immediately.

They had by this time suspected that the helper had taken the money.

Helper stuffed money up her lady parts

According to the report, the police searched Bobita's room but could not find the money.

In her state of panic, it is believed that Bobita placed the S$5,002 in a small plastic bag and shoved it up her lady parts hoping to conceal the money.

She was brought to the police station for questioning.

The helper had been with the family, who lives in a HDB flat in Serangoon, for slightly over a year.

Apparently not the first time she stole

The helper had stolen money from her employers the first time in February 2019, but was not reported to the police then.

This second incident, which took place on March 6, was apparently the second time she stole money.

According to ST, she was taken to Changi Women's Prison after she was charged in court on March 8 -- after the second incident.

Prison officers spotted a foreign object hidden inside her genitals during a body scanning process at around 9pm that day.

The object was removed and it turned out to be a small plastic bag containing the stolen S$5,002.

This meant that the money had been kept in her body from March 6 to 8 -- a total of three days.

In her appeal for a lighter sentence, she expressed immense regret for what she did and hoped that her employers can forgive her.

Bobita has made no restitution for the S$3,000 that she stole earlier.

For each count of theft, she could have been jailed for up to seven years and fined.

Top photo via Google streetview.