Mao Shan Wang durians selling at S$10 each in Tiong Bahru & Geylang

More durians, cheaper durians!

Zhangxin Zheng | May 25, 12:53 am


Peak durian season is coming to Singapore as we are entering the month of June.

This is probably the best time to eat the king of fruits.

If you are craving durians, you might want to check out this place.

S$10 Mao Shan Wang durians

King Fruits Durian Singapore is selling Mao Shan Wang (MSW) durians at only S$10 each.

This is probably one of the cheapest MSW durians you can get at the moment.

If you are not a lover of MSW’s bitter taste, the shop’s D13 durians are also selling at only S$5 each.

Their red prawn durians cost S$10 or S$15.

You can check out the whole list here on their Facebook post:

The King Fruits Durian has two outlets in Tiong Bahru and Geylang.


Tiong Bahru Outlet: Blk 22 Havelock Rd Singapore 160022 (from 12pm to 12am)

Geylang Outlet: Blk 369 Geylang Rd Singapore 389570 (24 hours)

Durians getting cheaper

With an increased supply of durians coming from Malaysia, the prices of various types are falling.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, the prices of durians are falling almost everyday in the past two weeks.

Mao Shan Wang, which is highly popular, is selling at a price range of between S$10/kg and S$15/kg.

That is about half the price compared to before, which is about S$28/kg.

Durian season generally peaks in June and ends by August.

Here’s a simple guide to some durians that you can try:

Illustration by Ashley Tan.

Top photo from King Fruits Durian Singapore

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