Charmaine Sheh's new cosmetic line "Sh" inspired by time at 'Yanxi Palace'

As secretive as the power players in Yanxi.

Melanie Lim | May 30, 2019, 02:51 PM

If you've watched Chinese drama "Yanxi Palace", you'll most likely be familiar with Charmaine Sheh, a Hong Kong television actress who gained fame in Mainland China because of her breakthrough role in the drama series.

Sheh has revealed that during the filming of "Yanxi Palace", she could not find the correct shade of lipstick that suited her character's transition from consort to empress.

As a result, she had to mix several different lipstick colours to get the vibrant shade she liked.

This inspired Sheh to develop her own line of lipsticks.

The 43-year-old actress recently unveiled these lipsticks with the launch of her brand new cosmetics label "Sh".

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Emphasising how lipstick can help someone look more fresh and awake, Sheh quoted the famous novelist Eileen Chang:

You can go without foundation, and you can face the day with a bare face, but you must at least wear lipstick. Lip colour will make a person appear vibrant and radiant.

Sheh's new line contains 12 of her favourite shades of red lipstick, and she hopes that they will help other women "feel unique and attractive".

Here's some Sheh content to remind you of how good she was in the drama.

Top image courtesy of charmaine_sheh on Instagram