Penang cafe sells century egg cheesecake with ikan bilis & peanuts as dessert

Plus, durian cheesecake with salted egg yolk. Help.

Guan Zhen Tan | May 12, 2019, 04:49 AM

A cafe in George Town, Penang has set a new bar for novelty foodstuff -- by stuffing century eggs into cheesecakes.

Century eggs in a cheesecake

Moody Cow Cafe is well-known for their decadent cheesecakes and crazy cheesecake flavours, such as their Black Moon Cheesecake.

But that's no chocolate truffle.

Rather, it is a whole century egg embedded in rich cheesecake with a chocolate base, topped off with anchovies and peanuts.



Given how experimental this flavour is, there aren't many reviews floating around.

But one review by blogger Rebecca Saw said it is an acquired taste.

Another review on TripAdvisor mentioned having two whole century eggs embedded in the slice they got -- but the partakers of the pungent cheesecake weren't very impressed with it.

Other flavours

This isn't even the cafe's first crazy cake flavour.

Previously, the cafe made a durian and salted egg cheesecake, which was aptly named "Hybrid Madness".

And this other one flavour takes the cake: A cake that has both century eggs and salted egg yolk.

For people who like their cake flavours to be somewhere in the safe zone, their Cempedak (Jackfruit) Madness cheesecake is one of their most highly recommended cheesecake flavours.

Not cheap

To sample the richness of such cheesecakes is not cheap.

As there's no official menu online, information on the pricing is conflicting, but one can expect to pay up to RM32 (S$10.49) or more for one slice.

The review on TripAdvisor said that the Black Moon cheesecake sells for RM32 (S$10.49), while Saw's review said slices range from RM20 (S$6.55) to RM 25 (S$8.19).

Yet another TripAdvisor review mentioned that the range was from RM22 (S$7.21) to RM32 (S$10.49), but a blog post elsewhere suggested cake slices can hit RM42 (S$13.76)

Whatever it is, information seems to suggest that the cakes are pricey.

It is advised to round up a couple of your friends to share, in any case.

Do note that flavours are subjected to availability

Moody Cow Dessert Café

Address: 170 Jalan Transfer, George Town, 10050 Goerge Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Opening hours: Mon - Sun: 11am to 12am

Top image via Reddit and Moody Cow Cafe Penang's Facebook page