Bubble tea with pearl night lamp available for S$16, ships to S’pore


Mandy How | May 2, 2019 @ 02:46 pm


If drinking bubble tea is not enough for you, you can now have bubble tea furniture as well.

American retail site Smoko sells the Pearl Boba Tea Ambient Light for USD12, which is roughly S$16.

Here are some photos of the product:

Image via Smoko

Its dimensions are 12.7cm x 7.62cm x 7.62cm.

Image via Smoko
Image via Smoko

The device is battery-operated:

Image via Smoko

If you’re using it as a night lamp, it automatically turns off after an hour.

It can also also be used to decorate your desk.

Image via Smoko

Note that is is a pre-order item, and orders will only be shipped out around June 18.

However, pre-ordering it will get you a 30 per cent discount, as the item is usually priced at USD16 (S$21.77).

Besides bubble tea, the shop also has dumplings and dinosaurs as lamps:

Image via Smoko
Image via Smoko

You can browse the shop here.

Top image via smokonow.com

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