China Airbnb "Superhost" fined S$100 for hiding bedroom spycam in router discovered by alert female guest

Scary times.

Nyi Nyi Thet| May 09, 06:22 PM

A woman, known by her online alias Yunfei, checked in to an Airbnb flat in Qingdao, Shanghai.

She immediately smelt a rat when she found a motion sensor at the door.

Which was weird, as the house didn't look like it was optimised for smart-home automation.

Yunfei sprung into action, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP).

She quickly taped over the sensors after turning them to face the wall.

She also found two more sensors in the two bedrooms.

Yunfei then proceeded to check other areas which she thought might house cameras.

Places like the television set, or the smoke detectors.

She also turned off the television set.

Here's where her expertise from working in the internet and information security field kicked in.

She picked up a router that was facing the bed, and realised that the "line arrangement" was different from other similar routers.

She then compared it with a picture to make sure some alterations had been made, and unscrewed the router.

Image from Sohu

Inside the router she found a memory card.

Armed with evidence of wrongdoing, she then called the police, who came to take the evidence away.

That was the end of her stay at the flat as well.

The man was listed as a Superhost. Which means this:

"Superhosts are experienced hosts who provide a shining example for other hosts, and extraordinary experiences for their guests. Once a host reaches Superhost status, a badge will automatically appear on their listing and profile to help you identify them."

The Superhost was given 20 days detention and fined 500 yuan (S$100).

Airbnb told Beijing Youth Daily that they had removed the man from their platform, and sincerely apologised to the guest.

They also refunded her money.

Image from Sina and Sohu