Woman in China suspects boyfriend of cheating on her, uses weighing scale to prove it


Kayla Wong | April 13, 02:03 pm


When a woman in China suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her, she devised an ingenious plan to prove exactly that — using a weighing scale.

In screenshots of a WeChat conversation that have since gone viral on Weibo, the woman recounted her story from when she first suspected her boyfriend of cheating.

Suspected boyfriend of cheating while playing online game together

The couple — who lived separately as their workplaces were far apart — would play online games together regularly, in addition to meeting three to four times a week.

One particular night while they were playing the online multiplayer game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), her boyfriend said he heard the sound of a plane and wanted to go pick up the “airdrop” (referring to a feature in the game).

Image via Gamepedia.

She said in the WeChat conversation that she did not hear the sound, nor did she find any plane in the game.

Screenshot via Weibo


“But I didn’t hear the sound. Even when I tried hard to spot the plane in the sky (within the game), I don’t see any airdrop, nor smoke.

He had already done this twice before. He would say he heard the sound of a plane but could not find any plane at all.

I thought that was weird.”

This piqued the woman’s suspicion, as she thought it was unlikely such a huge and popular game had a bug like that.

She continued with her deductions.

Screenshot via Weibo


“Think about it. If he could hear the sound, but I couldn’t, what does it mean?

Could it be possible that he heard the sound of a real plane? You can hear the sound in many places near the airport. The place I interned at previously was also near an airport.

If he could hear the sound of planes often, then he should have already realised that he heard wrongly, right?

I know he lives in the city centre, and there’s definitely no airport nearby. He might have been at a different place that day, and that place is close to the airport.”

“Too bad he lied”

The woman then asked her boyfriend where he was.

He said he was at home the entire night.

Screenshot via Weibo


“If he said he was at a colleague’s place, I would have believed him. But too bad he lied.

I thought of many ways that night to find out if he was really cheating on me. I know that I have to look at his phone. But I can’t really do that while he’s asleep as he’s a light sleeper and wakes up easily.”

Found strands of long hair

The woman then went to her boyfriend’s apartment at a later occasion.

She managed to take a look at his WeChat messages on his phone, but did not find any incriminating evidence.

But after searching for a long time, she finally found something.

Screenshot via Weibo


“I have blonde short hair, and his hair is not long either. But there were a few strands of long hair stuck in his shower drain.

So someone definitely came over. This can’t be wrong.”

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

The woman then devised a plan to expose her boyfriend.

Screenshot via Weibo


“You think I would just let it go like this? Things are just getting started.

I thought of a plan later, and fine-tuned it to make it even better.”

The woman first asked her boyfriend out for a meal together, and gave him a weighing scale while jokingly telling him that he had put on weight.

The weighing scale was connected to an app, which she helped download on her boyfriend’s phone.

While she turned the notifications off, he could still see the various health-related information on the app.

The weighing scale was then placed at the most prominent spot in his home.

The final reveal

A few days later, she went to his place and used the weighing scale.

Screenshot via Weibo

When she checked her information on the app, it revealed that someone weighing 47kg had recently used the scale.

As the woman was 170cm tall and weighed 60kg, it could not have been her.

Nor did her boyfriend weigh 47kg.

She then confronted him about it.

That was when he came clean with her.

Sherlock-level powers

The conversation continued between her and her friend.

Screenshot via Weibo


“Woman: I know that he’s lazy and would not use the weighing scale again after using it once. But most girls would, or rather, most people would. When they see a weighing scale, they would want to weigh themselves. But I was just taking a gamble.

And my bets were right, sister.

It was exactly the same as what I’ve deduced. When I don’t see him, he would go find his other girlfriend. And her apartment is near the airport. Occasionally, when he’s busy, she’ll come over to his place instead and spend the night there.

Friend: Damn…

Woman: It’s better to be single, there wouldn’t be so much scheming then.

Friend: You’re the real MVP, I take my hat off to you.”

Suffice to say, after the boyfriend was busted for cheating, the pair were no longer together.

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