Guy compares S’pore celebrities’ Star Awards 2019 fashion to other things. Again.

Oh no.

Mandy How | April 16, 12:49 am


For the past couple of years, a Facebook user known as Dennis Lim has habitually roasted celebrities’ fashion choices at the Star Awards ceremony:

This guy’s critique of the fashion at Mediacorp Star Awards is the best thing ever

We enjoyed the fashion roasting at the S’pore Star Awards more than the show itself

And this year, it is no exception.

Album of comparisons

The sartorial choices of the stars were laid out for review in an album titled “Fallen Star Awards 2019“.

In it, Lim compared 25 celebrities to less flattering counterparts, pairing it with snarky captions to boot.

His album description read:

“Who will be sentenced by 包青天 (Justice Bao) tonight and be exiled to KUSU Island for a 365 days staycation with the turtles? Keep that bottle of eyedrop close by and watch on. #fashun #starawards2019”

We pick out the best comparisons for you.

1. Xiang Yun

Image via Dennis Lim/Facebook

“Did the evil 高贵妃 (Gao Gui Fei, translates to head consort) escape from Yanxi Palace to the Star Awards? Nay! It’s just Xiang Yun on her way to meet 皇上 (Huang Shang, or king).”

We think Xiang Yun looks classy, though.

2) Pan Lingling

Image via Dennis Lim/Facebook

“Yayoi will be very proud of Pan Ling Ling Carolina Herrera polka dot dress, but will it save her a spot in the Top 10 most popular female artistes?”

As it turned out, it did.

3) Aileen Tan

Image via Dennis Lim/Facebook

“Whale Aileen Tan make a splash with her outfit or sink to the bottom of the ocean?”

4) Hong Huifang

Image via Dennis Lim/Facebook

“Hong Hui Fang hair looks like it belongs to a claypot of Fat Choy with braised mushrooms and oysters.”

5) Desmond Tan

Image via Dennis Lim/Facebook

“A fashion harness, gun holster, man vest or a useless piece of expensive leather masquerading as a fashion statement?”

6) Fann Wong

Image via Dennis Lim/Facebook

“Did C-3PO pang sey his buddy R2-D2 and run away to the Star Awards? My bad, it’s just Mrs Lee looking extremely gold and prosperous next to her Ah Lao.”

You can view the entire album here.

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Top image via Dennis Lim/Facebook

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