2 stacks of letters & parcels found under letterboxes at Tampines

That's a lot of letters.

Nyi Nyi Thet | April 26, 12:28 pm


SingPost was fined S$300,000 in March 2019 for their performance in 2018.

SingPost fined S$300,000 for doing a bad job in 2018

SingPost was also fined S$100,000 in February 2019 for their performance in 2017.

And here is an apology from them in January 2019.

Less than one month after being fined S$300,000, another incident involving letters in the trash has apparently happened once again.

Here is a Facebook post by Joanne Li on the incident.

In case you can’t see it.

“Saw these letters/parcels belonging to various units being thrown at the wastepaper ditch at the letter box. Not sure what happened but for sure we have some lost parcels here. But fret not, these are in good hands with me. Singapore Post I am not redistributing these two stacks for you. Pls contact me to get your letters back and do a thorough investigation on what exactly happened.”

Here are the stack of letters apparently found at the wastepaper ditch, which appears to be the little ditch at the bottom of the row of letterboxes.

Image from Li’s Facebook
Image from Li’s Facebook
Image from Li’s Facebook

SingPost has apparently gotten in touch with Li.

“(Update 26/4 830am) – SingPost has gotten in touch with me and informed that their colleagues will get in touch with me to retrieve the mail.

All, there could be various reasons why this had happened, but honestly it should not be happening. Packages aside, there are letters that are of private and confidential nature that you don’t want them to be lost just like that. There could be people who may make use of your info and do malicious things. If you ever have the same encounter, pls be kind to our mails.”

SingPost to retrieve lost mail, currently investigating

In response to Mothership’s queries, SingPost said that it is currently investigating the case:

“SingPost thanks Ms Joanne Li for reporting this issue, as well as for safekeeping the mail. We are currently in touch with Ms Li, and will be retrieving the mail from her today. We have also commenced an internal investigation on this case, and will provide updates when available.”


SingPost has released another statement highlighting what exactly went wrong with the letters.

“SingPost thanks Ms Joanne Li for reporting this issue, as well as for safekeeping the mail.

Following our investigations, SingPost has found that the mail items were handled by a new postman who had joined the company one month ago and had only just started delivering mail on his own. The postman overlooked the bundle of letters placed on the ledge of the letterbox ditch after it toppled over. This occurred a few days after his training concluded with classroom lessons and on-the-job training with an experienced buddy-postman. We will address this issue with the postman concerned in an appropriate manner and would like to thank Ms Li, once again, for her kind assistance in this matter.

SingPost are retrieving the mail items from Ms Li and will deliver them this evening.”

Image from Li’s Facebook Post

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