Over 2.59 million S’poreans are eligible to vote: Elections Department

In 2017, just over 2.5 million eligible voters were registered.

Matthias Ang | April 15, 05:37 pm

A total of 2,594,740 Singaporeans are eligible to vote, the Elections Department (ELD) has announced in a press release on April 15, 2019.

The announcement came as part of the latest update and certification of The Registers of Electors on April 15.

This means that the registers are now available for public inspection.

Number of voters increased

The current number of eligible voters is about nearly 80,000 more voters than the 2,515,322 announced in 2017, when the registers were last revised.

Names removed for failing to vote in past election can still be restored

The ELD added it was possible for those who had their names removed for failing to vote in past elections to have them restored for future elections.

However, no applications for restoration will be processed during the period starting from the date the Writ of Election is issued, until after Nomination Day, if the election is not contested, or until after Polling Day, if there is a contest.

The Writ of Election refers to the day that the date and location of Nomination Day, not earlier than five days nor later than one month from date of the Writ is announced.

What about overseas voters?

With regard to overseas voters, the ELD explained that Singaporeans living overseas will have to re-apply as an overseas elector to be eligible for voting at one of the designated overseas polling stations, if they have not done so after Feb. 1, 2019.

While application for registration as an overseas elector is open all-year round, the applications will not be processed during the period from the third day after the writ for an election is issued, until after Nomination Day if the election is uncontested, or until after Polling Day, if it is.

Moreover, such Singaporeans must have resided in Singapore for an aggregate of at least 30 days during the three-year period between Feb. 1, 2016 and Jan. 31, 2019.

How do I check my particulars then?

Singaporeans checking on their particulars can do so online at the ELD website, or in-person, at community centres and community clubs, the Elections Department itself, or at any of the overseas missions listed.

The ELD added that for in-person check-ins, Singaporeans should bring along either their NRICs or their passports.

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