Sailor Moon pop-up store, meet-&-greet & photo-taking zones at [email protected] April 12-21, 2019


Mandy How | April 13, 01:21 pm


A Sailor Moon event will be taking place at [email protected] from April 12 -21, 2019:

Sailor Moon meet-&-greet, merchandise pop-up store at [email protected] from April 12-21, 2019

And more details have been released about it.

During the period, the shopping mall’s atrium will see a pop-up store, meet-and-greet-session, as well as four photo-taking spots.

The pop-up store will sell official Sailor Moon-themed merchandise like passport covers, keychains, files, plushies, and posters.

Photo via [email protected]
Photo via [email protected]
Photo via [email protected]
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Photo via [email protected]

The photo-taking zones will feature Sailor Moon’s iconic crescent, Sailor Moon herself, Tuxedo Mask, and the Sailor Soldiers.

Photo via [email protected]
Photo via [email protected]
Photo via [email protected]
Photo via [email protected]
Photo via [email protected]
Photo via [email protected]

In addition, a meet-and-greet with Sailor Moon cosplayers will also take place on April 20, 5pm.

Gachapon machine

A gachapon machine at the event will allow shoppers to win prizes like Sailor Moon merchandise, Landlease (the mall’s developer) vouchers and [email protected] premiums.

Here are the steps to take to have a go at the gachapon machine:

  • Follow [email protected] on Instagram
  • Post three photos with the hashtag #313xSailorMoon

April 12 – 21, 2019
12pm to 10pm daily

Meet-and-greet: April 20, 5pm

[email protected], Level 1 Atrium
313 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238895

Top image via [email protected]

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