Earthquake in the Philippines shakes water off penthouse pool

16 people have died, while more than 100 people are injured.

Andrew Koay | April 23, 11:17 pm


Over April 22 and 23, two earthquakes struck the Philippines.

According to CNA, the first — which took place on Monday, April 22, was a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Manila.

CNA also reported another 6.4 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday, April 23, which centred near San Julian in Eastern Samar.

So far the death toll for Monday’s quake is 16, with more than a 100 people injured.

Water spilling from skyscrapers

The images that have emerged on social media of the quakes show just how terrifying the situation is for Filipinos.

One Twitter user shared a video of a residential skyscraper, the Anchor Skysuites, in the Binondo district of Manila.

The force of the earthquake caused water from the penthouse swimming pool to spill over the side of the building.

According to Anchor Land Holdings, Anchor Skysuites “has been evaluated to have high earthquake resistance”.

Another user posted a video of the Net Park building, located in Bonifacio Global City, Manila.

The video also features water spilling from the top of the building.

According to an official statement by the Net Group, the spill was due to a ruptured external fibreglass roof-deck water tank.

Buildings sway

Another video shows the dramatic extent which skyscrapers swayed:

Damaged roads

In San Julian, Twitter user Phres Evardone posted photos of the damage caused by the second earthquake:

The images show provincial roads which have literally been split in half.

Top image collage from Phres Evardone Twitter and saileashkumar Twitter

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