Deadline for residents to vacate Pearl Bank Apartments arrives, signalling end of iconic 43-year-old building

Been a while.

Nyi Nyi Thet| April 30, 03:15 PM

Residents of Pearl Bank Apartments will be vacating their homes on April 30, 2019.

This is a long time coming, with many having moved out in early April.

The building is scheduled for demolition soon.

Many residents and admirers have said their goodbyes.

With a bit of mess here and there being documented even on its final day.

Here's what the surrounding areas look like as of April 30:

Image taken by Charis Chan

Image taken by Charis Chan

Image taken by Charis Chan

Image taken by Charis Chan

Pearl Bank Apartments was the tallest apartment building in Singapore in 1976, and its 288 units housed an estimated 1,500 residents.

Image from Pearl Bank Apartments' website

And the design has a special place in the heart of many photographers.

Horseshoe shape design due to efficiency

The wholly unique design was the brainchild of architect Tan Cheng Siong.

An excerpt from Biblioasia explains:

Pearl Bank’s unique horseshoe shape was grounded in Tan’s search for efficiency. Unlike a conventional point or slab block, this shape was economical in terms of materials used, offering the smallest wall-to-floor ratio.

However, some residents had issues with its architectural structure, such as the problematic sewage pipes.

From the same article:

Unlike other conserved buildings in Singapore, Pearl Bank is a block of private apartments. A resident once summed up her woes: "No doubt the building is unique and historical, but living and dealing with the inconvenience is a chore."

That being said, the iconic nature of the building remains, in terms of history and architecture.

Image taken by Charis Chan

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Top image from Pearl Bank Apartments and Charis Chan