Too realistic otter pencil case & wrist rest sold online for those addicted to otters

Otter-ly adorable.

Ashley Tan| April 08, 02:39 PM

Otters roaming around Marina Bay and Bishan are so adorable but they won't follow you home to be your pet?

No need for sobbing because here's how you can bring a wild critter home without having to flout Singapore's poaching laws.

Very lifelike

Otter enthusiasts can now purchase these super cute otter pencil cases from Felissimo's online shop.

With these, you don't need to sacrifice charm and appeal when storing stationery.

Take a look at this otter dozing off.

It's quite realistic as well, with the material of the pouch mimicking otter fur.

The pencil cases even have whiskers and very lifelike toe beans.

For those of you with aching wrists from slogging away at the computer, this otter is here to help.

The pencil case also doubles as a wrist rest.

How do you like your otters?

You can take your pick between a sleepy otter and a very awake otter.

Look at it posing for the camera.

Look at that squish.

Awake and energetic otter is ready for your cuddles.

Price: ¥2,700 (S$32.90)


Sleepy otterLength 44cm, width 19cm, height 10cm

Awake otter - Length 40cm, width 15cm, height 13Cm 

Really a pencil case like no otter.

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All photos from Felissimo