489 NUS students sign & issue statement of concern on sexual harassment on campus

The statement was sent to major media outlets.

Belmont Lay | April 22, 2019, 01:29 PM

A group of 489 students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) signed off on a statement to the top management of the institution on Sunday, April 21.

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Statement to express deep concerns

The lengthy document was to collectively express their deep concerns about the university’s approach towards sexual harassment, in relation to the recent incident involving NUS undergraduate, Monica Baey.

The statement, with the signers' names and course of study listed, was sent out to major media outlets in Singapore.

It was also supported by an additional 194 students from other universities and educational institutions.

Baey's name was the first on the list.

What are they speaking out against

The NUS students said in their statement that they find the punishment meted out by NUS in Baey's case problematic.

This is due to the perception by the victim, students and the public that the consequences were too lenient.

The leniency, the statement said, also gives the impression that sexual voyeurism is not treated as a serious enough offence, and it might lead to inadequate institutional and social support for survivors of sexual violence and harassment.

Baey had expressed anger over what she perceived to be lenient punishment meted out to the male NUS student, even after he was caught on CCTV footage.

The NUS Board of Discipline ordered the offender to be suspended for one semester, banned from entering housing premises on campus, undergo counselling, write a letter of apology, among other punishments.

The police gave the first-time offender a 12-month conditional warning.

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What statement recommended

The statement also made numerous recommendations.

These included:

• Setting up of an Office of Sexual Harassment Prevention, Reporting, and Response.

• Equipping the office with a 24/7 emergency hotline service for survivors.

• Providing rehabilitative counselling for survivors of sexual harassment.

• Implementing preventive measures, such as providing anti-sexual harassment training programmes and campaigns in the university, particularly in residences.

• Following in the footsteps of leading institutions, such as The University of Oxford and The University of Cambridge, in publicly and explicitly committing to a zero-tolerance campaign against sexual harassment.

• Institutionalising tiers of penalties applicable to the different types of sexual harassment offences under the University Code of Student Conduct.

• Organising a town hall meeting and meaningful student representation in a committee set up to review disciplinary procedures against sexual harassment.

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The latest development is that one company in Singapore has severed working relationships with NUS, until the perpetrator has been expelled:

This is the statement with signers in full:

Statement of Concern Regarding Sexual Harassment at the National University of Singapore

Dear President Prof Tan Eng Chye, Senior Deputy President and Provost Prof Ho Teck Hua, Vice Provost (Student Life) Prof Florence Ling, Dean OSA Assoc Prof Peter Pang, Vice Dean OSA Assoc Prof Vivian Ng and Assistant Dean OSA Dr Chen Zhi Xiong,

We are a group of 489 students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) who are deeply concerned about the University’s approach towards sexual harassment, particularly in reference to the case where a female NUS undergraduate student, Ms Monica Baey, was filmed while showering without her consent. We understand that the offender, who is also an NUS undergraduate, had been caught on CCTV footage. We have also recently learnt from NUS Students’ Union that the NUS Board of Discipline (BOD) had ordered the following for the offender:

i) One semesters’ suspension;

ii) ban from entering into all on-campus housing premises;

iii) mandatory counselling sessions at University Health Centre;

iv) community-based sanctions of 30 hours of supervised community service;

v) mandatory rehabilitation and reconciliation sessions with a social worker;

vi) writing a mandatory letter of apology; and

vii) official letter of reprimand.

While we understand the University’s need to maintain a balanced position on the matter and to keep in line with precedence, we find the punishment meted out in this case problematic because it signals to the NUS community at large that i) our University does not credibly enforce its stance against sexual voyeurism as a serious offence; ii) those who commit such an offence can arguably expect to receive a relatively light sentence; and iii) survivors of sexual violence and harassment will not receive adequate institutional and social support even if they voice their concerns to the relevant authorities. Additionally, the leniency of these punishments may not serve as an adequate deterrent: we note a recent case in 2017 that saw a repeat offender face criminal charges for assault with the intent of outrage of modesty. It is clear that the current disciplinary framework is failing to deter these incidents from recurring within our community. As one of the world’s top universities, we hope that NUS would take a stronger stance against sexual harassment and set a positive example for other universities around the world.

While we are heartened by Dean OSA Assoc Prof Peter Pang’s announcement in his statement released on 20 April 2019 that a committee will be convened to review the current disciplinary and support frameworks, and Prof Pang’s subsequent announcement in an internal circular sent to students on 21 April 2019 that there will be two student representative on this committee, we call on NUS to shed more light on (1) how the student representatives will be selected, (2) what groups of students the committee hopes to target, (3) what the composition of the committee is, (4) what the decision making powers of the committee, if any, are. We urge the University to meaningfully consult students on this important issue and not dictate the terms of such consultation or police student involvement; there is no patience for gestural politics on this urgent issue. We propose that the committee includes representatives from student organizations that have dealt with topics and issues concerning sexual harassment. Such groups include, but are not limited to, the residential teams and other relevant student interest groups in on-campus accommodations such as the Gender Collective, The G Spot, tFreedom, and EnCAPTsulate. We emphasize the need for continuous and meaning engagement with students, and thus call on NUS President Prof Tan Eng Chye to hold a town hall before the end of the semester to listen to and dialogue with our University community about this serious issue and our community’s concerns. The suggestion to hold a town hall has also received widespread support on various social media channels.

Many amongst us have stories, experiences, as well as recommendations that we hope to convey to the University leadership. As a University that “aspires to be a vital community of academics, researchers, staff, students and alumni working together in a spirit of innovation and enterprise for a better world”, we believe that it is important for us to build this culture of collaboration at home, in working together to address this serious issue that threatens the safety and well-being of our students. Below are some of the recommendations that we have consolidated from concerned members of our community since Ms Baey’s story was made public:

Immediate Redressal for Ms Baey

First, we suggest that NUS provide stronger immediate redressal for Ms Baey. The statement by A/Prof Pang is commendable for its apologetic tone towards Ms Baey’s plight. However, we call upon NUS to do better by making a stronger statement against sexual harassment on campus. The administration could also provide greater transparency on the investigations conducted for this case and provide the grounds for i) the punitive measures imposed on the offender detailed above and ii) whether these measures are commensurate with penalties imposed for other offences committed in the University.

Remedial Measures

Second, NUS should focus more efforts towards restoring and rehabilitating survivors of sexual harassment by:

2.1 Setting up an Office of Sexual Harassment Prevention, Reporting, and Response: A specialised office could be established to educate students about what constitutes sexual harassment and the respective penalties for offences, highlight the modes for recourse for survivors, and effect overall behavioural change in the University through campus-wide awareness campaigns. This Office should also develop and administer a reporting mechanism, online and/or offline, facilitating anonymity, for the NUS community to report cases of sexual harassment. This could include establishing a 24/7 emergency hotline service for survivors, which would particularly be useful for those living on campus. Cases should also be formally recorded and logged, where staff can exercise discretion in escalating severe cases to higher management for disciplinary action. We further call for a mandatory sexual harassment response training to be offered to staff who would work in this office to ensure that they are equipped with the appropriate tools to handle sexual harassment cases.

2.2. Improving rehabilitative support for survivors of sexual harassment: The University should also provide targeted counselling services for survivors of sexual harassment and assault at the University Health Centre (UHC) and/or establish a new, specialised department dedicated to cases of such nature within UHC. Educational resources and collateral detailing what constitutes sexual harassment and avenues for recourse should also be readily available and accessible for the NUS community to seek support and better respond to survivors of sexual harassment.

Preventive Measures

Third, NUS should pre-emptively implement measures to target the risk factors of sexual harassment to prevent the occurrence of sexual harassment by:

3.1. Designing and implementing anti-sexual harassment training programmes and/or campaigns in the University, particularly in residences: Since most of these offences seem to have occurred and could continue to occur in University residences, the University should consider implementing a compulsory anti-sexual harassment workshop for all new residents in NUS residences. These workshops should also be offered to freshmen as part of their orientation programme and sporadically throughout the academic year to non-residents from all faculties. These workshops should tackle themes such as consent, bystander intervention, and the social stigma preventing survivors from reporting instances of sexual harassment.

4. Developmental Measures

Fourth, NUS could review and appropriately amend University policy to better address cases of sexual harassment, provide redress for survivors, deter potential aggressors, and change prevailing attitudes tolerating the perpetuation of sexual harassment in NUS by:

4.1. Publicly committing to a zero-tolerance policy against sexual harassment: Commitment towards a zero-tolerance policy against sexual harassment and violence is no longer uncommon in tertiary institutions internationally. The University of Oxford has publicly declared its zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment and violence. The University of Cambridge, too, has launched its Breaking the Silence campaign since October 2017. Likewise, a collaborative campaign was launched in King’s College London, with its Student’s Union galvanising their student community to come together to make a stand against sexual harassment and misconduct. We urge NUS to follow in the footsteps of these other leading institutions in publicly and explicitly committing to a zero-tolerance campaign against sexual harassment, which includes several of the recommendations in this letter.

4.2. Institutionalising and explicating tiers of penalties accorded to different types of sexual harassment offences in the University Code of Student Conduct: We applaud the recent revision of the Code of Student Conduct, which now explicates what constitutes “sexual misconduct” and “consent”, and includes offences of a voyeuristic nature, such as upskirt photography. We also note that the University has published a guidance note (restricted to circulation within NUS) on student discipline. However, since this note does not explicitly state the penalty guidelines for sexual harassment, we believe that it does not adequately deter repeat sexual harassment offenders. More could be done to clarify and provide rationales for the penalties for these offences to ensure fair and just disciplinary proceedings and judgements for all offenders. If not already established, the University should consider formulating and publicly releasing a framework, specifically delineating the considerations and factors taken into account during sentencing for sexual harassment offences. This framework could include different tiers of punishment which directly correspond to the severity of the offence. Establishing such a framework will potentially be a big step forward in terms of transparency. In turn, such a framework will also reaffirm the University’s commitment to students that perpetrators will be held accountable for their actions and will be dealt with firmly but fairly, in line with a set of formalised and transparent guidelines.

Concluding Remarks

The University has a duty to provide a safe and conducive space for all students, in their holistic development, both academic and otherwise. This, too, reiterates and reaffirms the University’s commitment to considering “students’ perspectives and needs” and exercising “accountability to our stakeholders,” per the values of the NUS Office of Student Affairs.

Beyond the call for immediate redressal for Ms Baey, there is a broader need to address the various systemic issues relating to sexual offences that occur within NUS. Through the detailing of various remedial, preventive and developmental measures above, this statement hopes to provide a good ground for conversation and review to take root and grow. We end by stressing the need for opportunities to dialogue about these issues with other stakeholders through the organisation of a town hall meeting and meaningful student representation in the committee to review the disciplinary procedures.

Best Regards,


Monica Baey, Year 3, Communications and New Media

Martin Tan, Year 4, History

Gloria Chung, Year 4, History

Koh Yan En Joanna, Year 4, History

Shannon Lim, Year 4, History

Dhivya Rajaram, Year 1, Sociology

Zenda Tan, Year 4, English Literature

Tshin Qi Zhou, Year 4, Philosophy

Julia Tan, Year 4, English Literature

Keerthi Ganesh Nagatharan, Year 2, Geography

Ong Jian Chun Matthew, Year 2, Pharmacy

Bryan Kwa, Year 3, Political Science

Deesha Menon, Alumnus, English Literature

Kylie Wong, Year 4, English Literature

Dillon Keshvani, Year 4, Electrical Engineering

Marcus Tay, Year 4, Real Estate

Natalie Mok, Alumnus, Sociology

Hemaa, Alumnus, FASS

Muhammad Farhansyah bin Musa, Year 3, Sociology

Cyrus Guo, Year 4, Computing in Information

Security Lau Yi Yi, Year 1, Sociology

Shirin Keshvani, Year 2, Sociology

Viktoriya Kho, Year 3, Global Studies

Val Alvern Cueco Ligo, Year 3, Communications and New Media & Philosophy

Gracia Fei, Year 2, Industrial Design

Jonjoe Fong, Year 2, Industrial Design

Tan Mui Hui Cherry, Year 3, Southeast Asian Studies

Lim Jin Jie, Year 2, Psychology

Cheryl Ang, Year 4, English Literature

Raag Sudha Sanjay, Year 4, Political Science

Heeren Vinod Dialani, Year 1, Political Science

Cha Seung Hyun, Year 3, Political Science & Geography

Fong Wei Jie Zachary, Year 4, Pharmacy

Tan Ruien, Year 4, Psychology

De Silva Jeanette Mae, Year 3, Psychology

Ng Si Qi, Year 3, Communications and New Media

Elizabeth Ang, Year 3, Communications and New Media

Annie Lem An Ni, Year 3, Political Science

Divya, Year 1, Psychology

Theresa Mindi Saguda, Year 1, Political Science

Lee Shu Yu, Year 4, English Literature

Vianna Peng Hanwei, Year 4, Political Science

Aron Goh, Year 4, English Literature

Sin Darra, Year 4, Sociology

Liew Sze Lei, Year 3, Sociology

Candice Ng, Year 4, Sociology

Goh Wei Qin, Year 4, Global Studies

Thinakar Narayanan, Year 2, Engineering

Nisha Sikkandar, Year 4, Sociology

Lee Mun Yee, Year 3, English Literature

Ong Kah Jing, Alumnus, Business

Wen Tjun, Year 4, Computing

Ashley Angela Toh Tian Ai, Year 3, Social Work

Tan Jeng Woon, Year 3, History

Tan Han Siang, Year 4, Economics

Yap Ling Xuan, Year 3, History

Wong Jia Jia, Year 4, Psychology

P K Mathimugan, Year 4, English Literature

Valerie Tan, Year 2, Political Science

Muhammad Khairin Bin Ilias, Year 3, Political Science

Nicolette Chua, Year 3, FASS

Safiya Tyebally, Year 4, Global Studies

Joyce Wong, Alumnus, Sociology

Timothy Eng, Year 4, Sociology

Alicia Choo, Year 4, Sociology

Liang Linying, Year 4, Sociology

Vinesha Pillai, Alumnus, Science

Zhi Ming Sim, Year 4, Political Science

Amanda Wong, Alumnus, Global Studies

Han Yi, Year 3, Architecture

Jessica, Year 1, Chemistry

Rachel Quek, Year 4 Philosophy

Isabel Chin, Year 2, Political Science

Hannah Lin, Alumnus, FASS

Abu Ubaidah Bin Elaise, Year 1, Sociology and Social Work

Lee Wanrong, Alumnus, FASS

Lee Lip Jiang, Year 3, Architecture

Helen Dominic, Alumnus, FASS

Poojaa Velusamy, Year 4, Engineering

Abigail Joy Ann, Year 4, Political Science

Phoebe, Year 1, Nursing

Logesh, Year 2, Sociology

Danielle Chan, Alumnus, Communications and New Media

Aditya Poruri, Year 3, Engineering

Gurveer Singh Year 1 Industrial Systems, Engineering, and Management

Raymund Sandamurthi, Year 3, Political Science

Roy Ng, Year 4, History

Quah Say Jye, Year 4, Political Science

Isaac Neo Yi Chong, Year 4, Political Science

Nguyen Xuan Bach, Year 3, Political Science

Bertrand Seah, Year 4, Political Science

Lim Huishan, Year 3, Political Science

Anthea Julia Chua, Year 3, Anthropology, Yale-NUS

Rohita Rangu, Incoming Medicine Student

Russ Hoe Ke Fan, Year 2, Literature

Aloysius Tan Yoke Jun, Year 2, Geography

Nicholas Goh, Year 3, Environment Studies

Marcus Seah, Year 4, Medicine

Darrel Toh, Year 4, Psychology

Sheryl Teo, Alumnus, Communications and New Media

Teo Geng Hao, Year 4, Communications and New Media

Jamie Boey, Year 4, Social Work

Koh Mei-Mei, Mary Paula, Year 4, Architecture

Sheryl Teng, Year 4, Industrial Design

Vidhya Rajagopal, Alumnus, English Literature

Tania Cheong, Alumnus, Sociology

Sarah Cheong, Year 3, Mathematics

Cheng Mun, Year 4, Communications and New Media

Phoebe Lin, Year 2, Communications and New Media

Josephine Yee, Alumnus, History

Suzie Shin, Alumnus, History

Yong Zi Fong, Year 4, Industrial Design

Julia Lee, Year 4, Industrial Design

Anuthama Raghu, Alumnus, English Literature

Shruthi M Durai, Year 2, Economics

Nivedhitha Ravi, Alumnus, Architecture

Raashida Elahi, Year 1, FASS

Aathira Unnithan, Year 3, Engineering

Srinidhi Manikantan, Year 4, Life Sciences

Akshaya Suresh, Year 4, Economics

Ruth Lee, Year 1, Masters in Speech Language and Pathology

M Sharni, Year 1, Masters in Speech Language and Pathology

Wen Xuan, Year 4, Economics

Nurul Syahirah, Year 3, Sociology

Emily Lui, Year 4, Business

Vishnupriya, Alumnus, Psychology

Nicholas Tan Jing Wen, Alumnus, FASS

Eleanor, Alumnus, FASS

Elizabeth Goh, Alumnus, Communications and New Media

Tan Jun Hui, Year 5, SDE

Mok Shu Xian, Year 5, FASS

Gauri Joshi, Year 4, Computer Engineering

Srinivasan Nandhini, Alumnus, Medicine

Pavithra, Alumnus, Economics

Ng Hui Ling, Year 2, Psychology

Grace Tang, Alumnus, FASS

Gayathri Muthulingam, Alumnus, FOS

Woo Wan Xin, Alumnus, FASS

Vikita Chandnani, Year 3, Business

Celeste Kee Qi, Year 4, Sociology

Chandiramohan Chandya, Year 1, Business

Adam Gan, Year 2, Political Science

Lee Wei Hern, Year, 2, Business

Nivedha Bala, Alumnus, Science

Ter Yi Ting, Year 4, Life Sciences

Thenappa, Year 3, Engineering

Hoe Wen Xuen, Year 4, Economics

Varenya Kumaran, Year 3, Business

Shirlene Fo, Year 4, Engineering

Hemavathy Anbalagan, Alumnus, Political Science

Tasya Shahira Iskandar, Alumnus, Political Science

Khoo Wei Ping, Year 3, Computer Engineering

Ng Kai Sing, Year 4, Computer Engineering

Shivani Sathyian, Year 2, Dentistry

Priya R, Year 4, Life Sciences

Kalpana Sivan, Alumnus, Sociology

Subhadra D/O Ganesan, Alumnus, Science

Fiorina Rayen, Alumnus, FASS

Lin Hui Hui, Year 2, Literature

Siram Bhavana, Year 4, Engineering

Fazrina Salauddin, Alumnus, Science

Suganiah Balu Devaraj, Alumnus, Business

Nurin Adila Shahrin, Alumnus, Global Studies

Satyakala, Alumnus, Science

Naina Verghese, Alumnus, Economics

Cheah Cayyin, Year 3, Sociology

Seraphina Tan Jia Hui, Year 3, Psychology

Ng Chia Wee, Year 1, FASS

Daryl Chan, Year 1, Computer Science

Bhargav Sundara Rajan, Alumnus, Engineering

Kirthana Ganeson, Year 4, Political Science

Yee Cheng, Year 1, Masters in Theatre Studies

Debbi Cheong, Alumnus, Political Science

Faith Wong, FASS

Inez Yuen, Year 4, Sociology

Siti Nuraini, Year 3, Sociology

Mahdhir, Year 4, Chemical Engineering

Murugan Kirthika, Alumnus, Electrical Engineering

Rachel Kuo, Alumnus, Sociology

Santhia Puhalanthi, Alumnus, Science

Megan Quan, Year 2, Business

Tim Min Jie, Year 1, Yale-NUS

Tay Jia Yin Natalie, Year 4, Biological Sciences

Tan Jia Yi Deon, Year 4, English Language and Literature

Rachel Quek, Year 4, Philosophy

Ratna Balakrishnan, Year 3, Science

Arshvini VK, Year 5, Medicine

Sue Lynn, Alumnus, Global Studies

Priyanka Balachandran, Alumnus, Political Science

JS Sasikumar, Alumnus, Science

Jonathan Lee, Year 2, Sociology

Julian Sng Wei Meng, Year 3, Political Science

Abishek Aravind, Alumnus, Chemical Engineering

Hui Jun, Year 4, Political Science

Felicia Chua, Alumnus, Global Studies

Alexandra Moosa, Year 2, History and Sociology

Zhang Xin Wan, Year 2, Business

Nurulhuda Atiqah Binte Sawal, Alumnus, Law

Michelle Loke, Alumnus, Political Science

Lee Ning Yuan, Year 2, Computational Biology

Joana Ferreira, Year 4, Political Science

Gillian Lim, Year 3, English Linguistics

Fu Qiao Han, Alumnus, Economics

Julia Nay Chi, Year 1, FASS, Economics

Felicia Tan, Alumnus, Yale-NUS College

Alexander Goh, Year 1, Yale-NUS College

Tan Hwee Peng, Alumnus, FASS

Ada Tan Xi Xin, Year 3, Science

Isabelle Han, Year 2, Business

Hifzhul Matin Bin Nordin, Alumnus

Tan Qing Lin, Year 2, Business

Karthigeyan, Year 4, Mechanical Engineering

Sriram Shriya, Year 4, FASS Psychology

Hema Ramasamy, Year 4, Life Sciences

Muhammad Huzaifi, Year 3, Mechanical Engineering

Gao Yiming, Year 3, Mechanical Engineering

Muhd Ibrahim bin Ramthan, Year 1, Political Science

Xu Hengyun, Year 1, FASS, Economics,

Agatha, Year 1, FASS, Psychology

Nicholas Neo, Year 4, Political Science

Nithyakalyani Alagappan, Alumnus, Science

Sandy Khoo, Year 2, Engineering

Ngoh Ping Xin, Year 1, History

Ng Jing Qi, Year 2, Political Science

Tan Lin, Dawn, Year 2, Information Systems

Deborah Hua, Year 4, FASS

Chloe, Year 1, FASS

Serena Quay, Year 4, Yale-NUS College

Shelley Chan, Year 2, Masters in Life Sciences

Benyamin Haidhar Ismail, Year 2, Sociology

Felicia Koh, Year 4, Industrial Design

Clarence, Year 2, FASS

Ang Mae Chen, Year 4, FASS

Gunasunthari, Alumnus, Life Science

Madeline Ong Li Ping, Alumnus, Chemistry

Paul Jerusalem, Year 4, Literature, Yale-NUS College,

Ho Qian Yu, Year 3, Engineering

Choo Chin Boon, Alumnus, Communications and New Media

Khaing Su Wai, Alumnus, Global Studies

Aditya Srivastava, Alumnus, Computer Engineering

Jefferson K Rajah, Alumnus, Global Studies

S. Hema Viganeshwari, Year 3, Medicine

Wong Jean, Year 2, Literature

Megan Gail Morais, Year 2, English Language

Nethiyaa Tharsini D/O Siva Venthan, Alumnus, FASS

Trina Chia, Year 5, Medicine

Law Say Hwee, Year 1, FASS

Darshini Jayaraj, Year 4, Mechanical Engineering,

Clara Lee Ee Ting, Year 4, Statistics

Ting Ying Shan, Year 4, Chemistry

Qistina Aliffi, Year 5, Medicine

Manick Kalra, Year 4, Electrical Engineering

Vanessa Tay, Year 1, FASS Undeclared

Siqi, Year 1, Law

Audrey Chan, Alumnus, Global Studies

Erica Lim, Year 4, Global Studies

Abdul Rahman Khan, Alumnus, Business

Bevan Lim, Year 4, Material Science

Nguyen Thuy Duong, Year 1, Business Analytics

Tran Thanh Tung, Year 4, Accountancy

Tran Nguyen Lam Giang, Year 3, Biomedical Engineering,

Nguyen Chi Hai, Year 1, Computer Science,

Phan Duy Nhat Tan, Year 2, Computer Engineering

Huynh Thi Thu Trang, Year 1, Mechanical Engineering

Caroline Marie Germeaux, Year 1, Master‘s, Food Science

Vahul, Alumnus, Medicine

Carissa Cheow, Year 2, FASS

Lee Ryan, Year 3, FASS

Suraendher Kumarr, Year 4, Political Science

Tiffany Gwee, Year 2, Masters at FASS

Nurul Azirah, Year 4, Nursing

Angelin Kaavya Jayachandran, Year 3, Mechanical Engineering

Sharon Kaur, Year 5, Medicine

Khione, Year 1, Law

Yap Xin Hui, Year 3, FASS,

Vidya Anandakumar, Year 1, Psychology

Zachary Tan Zewei, Year 1, History

Rengarajan Hamsawardhini, Year 3, Biomedical Engineering

Haiysvariyah Tangarajan, Alumnus, Science

Aznikah Binte Abdul Nizar, Year 2, Physics

Ding YiChen, Year 1, Medicine

Suzuki Tomoe, Year 1, Law

Nikhil Suresh, Year 4, Computer Science

Lune Loh, Year 1, Undeclared FASS

Swedha Rajaram, Year 4, Political Science

Roshnie Pillay, Year 3, Global Studies

Azimah Begam, Alumnus, Life Sciences

Sarikah Nishaini, Year 4, FASS

Wang Zeqi, Year 4, Business

Ong Yong Yang, Year 4, English Literature and History

Jaime Chng, Year 4, Literature

Pon Swee Man, Year 3, Communications and New Media

Ershen Kaur, Year 4, English Language

Daryl Yang, Year 5, DDP in Law & Liberal Arts, Yale-NUS College & NUS Law

Sheridan, Alumnus, Psychology

Priya, Alumnus, FASS

Vishwanathe, Engineering

K Pereni Sri Rajitha, Alumnus, Science

Connie Ng, Alumnus, Business

Deborah Loke, Alumnus, FASS

Klarissa Schmitt. Alumnus, FASS

Jonathan Yip, Year 4, Psychology

Sng Wan Ying, Alumnus, Faculty of Engineering

Sara Lau, Year 4, FASS

Syafiqah Jaaffar , MA Candidate in History

Harman Partap Singh Bhatia, Masters Candidate, LKYSPP

Loh Jia Yi, Year 4, Business

Yip Hao Yang, Year 4, Business

Raphael Ng Shea, Year 4, Medicine

Tan Ying Pin Kester. Year 1, FASS

Jovin Liew, Year 3, Business

Cheri Tng, Year 3, Business

Andy Chan, Year 2, Computer Science

Giovan Tan Hong Yi, Year 4, Chemical Engineering

Soundharya Kannan, Year 1, Accountancy

Prabhuram Deepikaa, Year 1, Mechanical Engineering

Rachel Genevieve Law, Year 3, Medicine

Lim Xi, Year 4, Law

Tan Wen Xiang, Year 4, Industrial Systems Engineering and Management

Tay Yu Jie, Year 5, Economics,

See Tow Ting Hao Bryan, Year 4, Mechanical Engineering

Shi Yu Jie, Year 4, Science

Lee Wen Xin, Year 4, Economics

Ong Li Fang, Year 3, Life Science

Lui Wenwei Kenneth, Psychology, Year 4

Kok Min Ai, Environmental Studies, Year 4

Huo Yonghao, Year 4, Engineering

Cheryl Tan, Year 3, Engineering

Elitz Lee, Year 4, Economics

Lim Xuan Hui, Year 3, Science

Teo Jie Ling, Year 4, Biomedical Engineering

Aloysius Teng, Year 3, Mechanical Engineering

Tay Jia Hui, Year 3, Computing

Valerie Koh, Year 4, Industrial Design

Ng Chun Hin, Year 4, Electrical Engineering

Aaron Koh Xu Qing, Year 4, FASS

Goh Jie Long Chad, Year 1, ISS

Tay Ye, Alumni, FASS

Wang Yixi, Year 2, Law

Deborah Fung Yu En, Year 4, Science

Dewi Tan Jia Hui, Year 4, Computer Science

Seng Yee Wei, Sabrina, Year 4, Sociology

Zheng Qiqi, Year 4, Chemistry

Joshua Chin, Year 4, Business

Thng Kai Ting Brenda, Year 4, Business Analytics

Sherilyn Sim, Year 4, Economics

Sie Xiang Yi, Jefferson, Year 2, Computer Science

Joyce, Year 4, Economics

Lee Chae Rin, Year 4, Business Administration

Celeste Tan Jiao Hua, Year 4, Business

Charmaine, Year 4, Dentistry

Lim Jun Yu, Year 4, Mechanical Engineering

Lorraine Tan Chian Wey, Year 3, Business (Accountancy)

Jolin Chen, Alumnus, Law

Queenie Loh, Alumnus, FASS

Giovan Tan, Alumnus, Engineering

Delia Poh, Year 4, Psychology

Rene Ann Wong, Year 4, Political Science

Elton Yeo, Year 4, Business Administration

See Li Min Stefanie, Year 4, FASS

Nigel Cheah Shen-Wei, Year 4, Sociology

Tan Yu Xuan, Tan, Year 4, Mechanical Engineering

Zann Lim, Year 4, FASS

Lee Zhiwei Benjamin, Year 4, Life Sciences

Lee Deanna, Year 4, Business Administration

Bvlyn Leow Wan Yun, Year 4, Life Sciences

Sheryl Han, Year 4, Business

Ng Yue Ling Amanda, Year 4, Pharmacy

Teo Yishan, Year 3, Psychology

Wong Yu Ting, Year 3, Chemistry

Shauna Hun, Year 2, Economics

Lee Xin, Year 2, Psychology

Nicole Thio, Year 2, Psychology

Lim Jun Wei, Year 3, Accountancy

Jacob Lim, Year 4, Engineering

Olivia Lim Enqi, Year 4, Political Science

Gem Abelanes, Year 1, Information Systems

Alyssa Ng, Year 2, Psychology

Jonathan Poh Ren Jie, Year 3, English Language

Nurrisha Ismail, Year 1, Political Science

Sarah Rajendra,Year 2, Psychology,

Vanessa Khoo, Year 4 Business

Xuxi, Alumnus, Political Science

Jonathan Saw, Alumnus, Chemical Engineering

Chua Chen Wei, Alumnus, Psychology

Lim Shan, Alumnus, English Literature

Risa Ann Wong, Alumnus, Political Science

Chua Yin Jia, Year 4, Science

Tan Jean Hern Ryan, Year 4, FASS

Daniel Lim, Year 2, Biomedical Engineering

Liew Woan Jing, Year 3, Science

Natasha Lau Xuan Xuan, Year 2, Business Administration

Bernice Tay, Year 4, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Seet Jia Ning Janelle, Year 2, Nursing

Tan Pei Ling, Year 4, Business

Nick Yap Yao Sheng, Year 4, Law

Chan Yong Jun Charis, Year 1, Law

Nicole Wong, Year 2, Psychology

Michelle Chua, Year 2, Law & Business

Joshua Chin, Year 2, Business

Sarah Xing, Year 4, Pharmacy

Darren Koh, Year 4, Mechanical Engineering

Emily Kwek Li Rong, year 4, FASS

Joevina Ong Xin Yi, Year 4, Life Science

Jamie Ng Lee Shuen, Year 4, Mechanical Engineering

Lee Lai Sheng, Year 4, Statistics

Goh Wei Lie, Year 4, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Tay Woon Kiat, Year 4 Mechanical Engineering

Koh Yu Ling, Year 4, Chemical Engineering

Goh Jie Rong Marc, Alumnus, School of Design & Environment

Phang Kenneth, Year 4, Mechanical Engineering

Deepakrishna Tangarajan, Year 4, Chemical Engineering

Tang Hongyi, Year 4, Chemistry

Ng Shoon Phing Jarret, Year 2, Medicine

Melissa Boey, Year 2, Psychology

Yurie Koey, Year 2, FASS

Shawn Chew, Year 1, Computing

Duong Duc Thanh, Year 4, Project & Facilities Management

Foong Yi Zhuan, Year 4, Industrial Systems Engineering and Management

Lim Li Hui, Merissa, Year 4, FASS

Madeline Lim, Year 3, Communications and New Media

Junior Lim, Year 3, Communications and New Media

Handayani, Year 4, Business Administration

Erik Johannes Lindgren, Year 4, Engineering

Yong Leschane, Year 4, FASS

Leow Shao Siong Andrew, Year 4, Economics

Khor Ting Fang, Year 4, Sociology

Arun Ganasarajah, Year 4, Life Science

Jude Leong Wei Zhong, Year 3, History

Yeo Chong Han Ivan, Year 3, Industrial Systems Engineering and Management

Prabu Devaraj, Year 4, Law

Timothy Lim, Year 4, Business

Darryl Seow, Year 1, Real Estate

Charmaine Soh, Year 1, FASS

Wong Yan Ru, Year 3, Civil Engineering

Gladys Lim, year 2, economics

Thng Jie Ni, Year 2, Nursing

Lim Yi Cheng Jared, Year 2, Life Sciences

Preetpal Kaur, Year 1, FASS

Farizah Aziz, Year 1, Biomedical Engineering

Genevieve, Year 3, Global Studies

Low Sze Min, Year 2, Project and Facilities Management

Lai Yue Min, Year 3, FASS

Gwyneth Seah, Year 2, Nursing

Chan Zhi Yi, Year 4, Accountancy

Nguyen Thanh Dat, Year 4, Electrical Engineering

Elaine Lim Yi Xiu, Year 4, Communications and New Media

Kan Rui Ying, Year 4, Business

Fion Lim Wei Ting, Year 4, Business

Rachel Sin Sze Min, Year 4, FASS

Niki Lee, Alumnus, Science

Fann Chong, Alumnus, Civil Engineering

Grace Thong, Alumnus, Communications & New Media

Matthew Tjoeng, Year 4, Literature

Muhammad Hairi Bin Alias, Year 4, Real Estate

Siti Mariam Mengin, Year 2, Psychology

Gautham Rajadanran, Year 4, Life Sciences

Benjamin Ong, Year 1, Engineering

Karen Lee, Year 2, FASS

Pang Rui Yi Alvianto, Year 1, FASS

Alston Sum, Year 2, Electrical Engineering

Arvinthan Velu, Year 1, FASS

Chan Jun Wei Ryan, Year 1, Business

Chessneth Chua Jia Yi, Year 2, Engineering

Iylia Natasha, Year 1, Medicine

K Joshua, Year 1, Medicine

Melissa Khoo, Year 1, FASS

Tan Xin Ying, Year 2, Engineering

Caroline Liow Jia Li, Year 2, Pharmacy

Sheryl Yeo Kai Qing, Year 2, FASS

Samantha Seetoh Wen Xiu, Year 2, Nursing

Teo Zhi Xuan, Year 4, Science

Leng Kenn Siang, Year 4, Business Analytics

Eunice Amor Oh Wen Ning. Year 2, Global Studies

Tan Cynee, Year 2, Economics

Tan Si Min, Year 1, Life Science

Hruday Gupta, Year 2, Mechanical Engineering

Jarratt Ong Yan Xiong, Year 2, Political Science

Sarah-Kei Lauw, Year 3, Medicine

Quek Yee Hsien, Year 1, Electrical Engineering and Economics

Szeyuan Leong, year 3, quantitative methods

Chieng Hui Xin, Year 2, Architecture

Nicole Annabelle Chin Jia Minn, Year 3, Geography

Delphina Yeo, Year 3, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Pearly Seah Hui En, Alumni, Global Studies

Soh Chengwen, Year 3, Literature

Tan Wee Ning, Year 2, Business Accountancy

Tham Si Jia, Year 4, Business

Loe Min Si, Year 2, Geography


Vaishnavi Tharmaseelan, Year 3, Psychology, SMU

Fiona Ng, SIT

Karthika D/O Subramaniam, Biological Sciences, NTU

Pradeeptha Venkat, Year 3, English, NTU

Pranav Venkat, Year 1, History, NTU

Ng Rui Ashlynna, Tufts University Alumnus

U Saranya Naidu, University of Birmingham Alumnus

Bryan Jonathan Lee Shao Ming, Year 3, Political Science and International Relations, University College London

Chelladurai, Alumnus, Republic Polytechnic

Amalina Ahmad, Year 4, Information Systems, SMU

Yasmin Azahari, Year 3, Sociology, NTU

Priyanna D/O Subramaniam, Year 3, School of Social Sciences

Husna Roslan, Year 3, Biomedical Science, Northumbria University

Priyanka, Year 4, Medicine, Monash University

Sneha Ajayan, Year 4, Civil Engineering, NTU

Gladys Ng, Year 4, Business, SMU

Lim Jia Ying, Year 1, Public Policy and Global Affairs, NTU

Shannon Wong, Year 3, Economics, Monash University

Pamela Tan, Alumnus, Psychology, NTU

Gay Ralynn, Year 3, Sociology, NTU

Sharath Nathan, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Sarvatha Mukundan, Year 2, Science, Monash University

Ganeash Selvarajan, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Meenadarshni, Year 3, Singapore Polytechnic

Simran Jit Kaur, Higher Nitec Year 2, ITE College Central

Narendra Mave Krishnan, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Buvani Punniyakotty, Year 1, Medicine, Trinity College Dublin

Divya Durai, Year 4, Law, SMU

Reetaza Chatterjee, Alumnus, Oxford University

Chow Su Ting, Year 4, Sociology, NTU

Nikita Menon, Year 2, Lasalle College

Jayasree, SAJC Alumnus

Alicia Tan, Year 3, Sociology, NTU

Hiu, Year 3, Business, NTU

Cheryl Ho, Year 3, Business, NTU

Kwan Jing Ling, Year 3, Business, NTU

Afrein Rehana, Year 4, Accountancy

Ow Min Zhuang, Alumnus, Accountancy, SIM-UOL

Anusri Subramaniam, Alumnus, Raffles Junior College,

Priya Latha Sivakumar, Alumnus, University of Manchester

Dilyse Kong Yi Gin, Year 1, NTU

Lehk Wehaa, Year 2, Engineering, SIT

Yaali Kumar, Year 2, Neuroscience, University of Western Australia

Lingon Durga, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Prabisha Pradeep, Year 3, Political Science and International Relations, University of Western Australia

Sharmila, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Anjana Suresh, California High School

Deea K Dev, Year 1, Neuroscience, University of British Columbia

Lee Joh Ann, Year 1, Math, University of Waterloo

Priyadashini D/O Muthulingam, Year 2, Psychology, James Cook University

Nicole Ng Jing Wen, Alumnus, Pioneer Junior College

Hillary Adrianto, Year 1, Economics, SMU

Chermaine Lim, Year 3, School of Humanities and Social Studies, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Zenice Tay, Year 4, Public Policy and Global Affairs, NTU

Rachel Yeo, Alumnus, Sociology, NTU

Magashastini M Kumar, Alumnus, Sport Science and Management

Mugan Tayalan, Alumnus, Sport and Leisure Management, Republic Polytechnic

Nicholas Yeo, NTU, WKWSCI

Rebecca Liu, Year 5, SMU, Business Management and Social Sciences

Roma Dayal, Year 2, St. Andrew’s Junior College

Lavanya Manimaran, Alumnus, St. Andrew’s Junior College

Vallerie Soh, Alumnus, Pioneer Junior College

Chloe Ng Ying Xuan, Alumnus, Pioneer Junior College

Kuik Tze-Yin, Alumnus, Pioneer Junior College

Lee Ying Qi, Natasha, Alumnus, Pioneer Junior College

Mekha Shyamkumar, Christ Nagar International School

Venkatesan Somesh, Alumnus, Victoria Junior College

Kavina Kishore Kumar, Year 1, Singapore Poly

Meena D/O Annamalai, Year 2, Jurong Pioneer Junior College

Yadavalli Sri Vidya, Year 1, Jurong Pioneer Junior College

Ranganathan Senguttuvan Krithika, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Panneerselvam Praveen, Year 3, Singapore Polytechnic

Manimaran Maathavan, Alumnus, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Darshan S/O Tamilselvan, Alumnus, Anderson Junior College

Aadhithya Selvakumar, Alumnus, Catholic Junior College

Murugappan Sivabalan, Alumnus, Yishun Junior College

Palaniappan Sivabalan, Alumnus, Nanyang Polytechnic

Afifa Shafana, Alumnus, Anglo-Chinese School Independent

Sudarshini Ramanaathan, Alumnus, Republic Polytechnic

Hanukkah Shamini, Year 3, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Ruppa Nagarajan Sivayogasubramanian, Alumnus, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Karthik Ramanathan, Alumnus, Anderson Junior College

Jayanthan S/O Mageandran, Alumnus, Tampines Junior College

Sakthi Mekana Karthik, Alumnus, Anglo-Chinese School International

Priya Narayan, Year 3, London School of Economics

Thrisha Yasindha Ramesh, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Niranjan Gopinath, Alumnus, St Andrew's Junior College

Selvaraj Gokul, Alumnus, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Subahshire D/O Manogaran, Year 2, Jurong Pioneer Junior College

Subramanian Abirami, Alumnus, Raffles Junior College

Yap Tze Shuen Paige, Year 2, Jurong Pioneer Junior College

Noorul Ameen Afrah Thahseen, Year 2, Nanyang Polytechnic

Ashwini Priya D/O Ramesh, Alumnus, Pioneer Junior College

Mathew Abraham, Alumnus, Mechanical Engineering, University of Newcastle, Australia

Muthukrishnan Vaishnavi, First year, Medicine and Surgery, International Medical University

Chen Li Qi Grace, History, NTU

Foo Min Sheng, Sociology, NTU

Naveen Kaur, English, NTU

Laura Zhu, Alumnus, Sociology, NTU

Joey Lee, Alumnus, Psychology, SMU

Nandhini Kannan, Masters in Management, SMU

Venotni Retnam, Alumnus, Sociology and Communications, Monash University

Tan Ker Wen, Valerie, Year 1, SMU

S J Diviyatharani, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Woo Cai Wen, Year 2, SIM University of Birmingham, Business Management

Aw Sze Kiat Ron, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Boey Kar Wye, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Zelda, Year 1, English, NTU

Tan Kai Ling, Public Policy and Global Affairs, NTU

Dheive, Year 4, Marketing and Management, James Cook University Singapore

Chandrika Nair, NTU, Year 2, Public Policy & Global Affairs

Kavya Mohanavel, International Business, Management, University of Surrey

Ricky D’Costa, Physics, University of Surrey

Goh Wei Hao, Year 4, PPGA, NTU

Syuhaidah Bacon, Year 3, Social Work, SUSS

Ajitha Kulasekaran, Year 1, International Medical University

Suhasini Pillai, Year 3, SUSS

Aiysh, Year 3, Economics, London School of Economics

Hevina Kaur, Alumnus, Sociology, NTU

Christina, Alumnus, Warwick University

Ong Zhi Lin, Charlene, Year 4, NTU, Engineering

Audrey Nah, Year 4, NTU, MAE

Leong Jun Wei Carissa. Year 3, NTU, Economics

Rinittha, Alumus, NTU, Science

Nur Sabrena, Year 4, WKW, NTU

Gina Peh Ao Lin, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Ho Yeni, Alumnus, Republic Polytechnic, Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management

Chelsea Koh, Year 3, SMU, Bachelor of Social Science

Seko Aiko, Year 2, SIT, Physiotherapy

Claire Lee, Year 1, JCU

Vinoshini D/O Selvathurai, Year 1, PSB Academy, Biomed Science

Tiffany Eliza Joo, Alumnus, Sociology, NTU

Nadiah Wong, Junior, Comparative Human Development, The University of Chicago, IL

Ng Guang An, Alumnus, Saint Andrew’s Junior College

Chua Yong Chun, Alumnus, NTU

Ghayathiri Sondarajan, Alumnus, Earth Sciences, NTU

Sangeeta Nedumaran, Alumnus, Communications, University at Buffalo (SIM)

Natalie Yeo, Year 2, Law, University of Cambridge

Eloshini d/o Elamaran, Year 2, School of Health Science

Syed Ali Fatima, Year 2, SUTD

Sivakumar Narmadha, Year 2, Jurong Pioneer Junior College,

Anusri Ganesan, Year 2, SIM

Vanitha, Alumnus, Business, SIM Global

Sivabalan, Alumnus, Business, SIM Global

Haresh, Psychology, SUSS,

Arun Mohan, SIM-UOL, International Relations

Yi Chen Wang, Finance, University of Washington

Busra Tab, Temasek Poly

Dionysius Ang Wei Qian, MAE, NTU

Chan Ee Seng Cogels, MAE, NTU

Aradhana V. Badhami, Alumnus, Economics, NTU

Kauthami Suppaiah, Alumnus, Child Psychology and Early Education, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Mukil, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Thiranraj, Year 3, Nanyang Polytechnic

Stefanie Tan, Alumnus, MSc Shipping Trade & Finance, Cass Business School, City University

Felicia Tan, English Literature, NTU

Valerie Lim, Alumus, WKWSCI, NTU

Zulhaqqim Awaruddin, Year 4, NIE BA(Ed)

Julia Jaffar, Alumnus, Medicine, University College Dublin

Cheryl Chai, Alumnus, ASD, SUTD

Zara Chung, Year 4, Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University

Brintha Balan, Year 2, SUSS

Durga Subramaniam, Alumnus, Nanyang Polytechnic

Chemane woo, Year 3 Philosophy, NTU

Rajan Perezhil Mankai, Alumnus, Jurong Junior College

Harshitha Canchi Udayraj, Year 1, Bachelor Of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, International Medical University

Chockalingam Aravinth, Alumnus, Anglo-chinese Junior College

Wang Tian Tian, Alumnus, Communications & Psychology, University at Buffalo (SIM)

Lim Min Yang, Year 3, Information Engineering with Media, NTU

Hannah Wong, Alumnus, Communication and Sociology, University at Buffalo

Kee Wen Jie, Year 2, Electrical Engineering, NTU

Ian Phillip Lowe Heng Hang, Year 2, Engineering Product Design (Robotics), SUTD

Rachel Kwan, Year 4, SSS, NTU

Kyle Robert, Year 3, Neuroscience, Boston University

Mae Zhang McCauley, Year 3, Literature, Transcultural Studies, American University

Megan Tan, Year 3, Communications Studies, NTU

Clarissa Cheung, Year 1, Sociology, American University

S Nivaashiyni, Alumnus, Lasalle College of the Arts

Olivia Seng, Year 4, Sociology, NTU

Jolene Sim, Year 3, Environmental Engineering, NTU

Lee Cheng Yeng, Lena, Year 4, Communication Studies, NTU

Nicole Lim, Year 4, Communication Studies, NTU

Keziah Wei, Year 4, Communication Studies, NTU

Lee Su Fang, Year 4, Communication Studies, NTU

Tan Hui Yu, Alumnus, Materials Science Engineering, NTU

Tan Su-Qing Hazel, Year 3, Communications Studies, NTU

Tan Yi Xian, Pearly, Year 4, Communications Studies, NTU

Ong Sze Ming, Year 3, NTU

Rose Soong, Year 4, Public Policy and Global Affairs, NTU

Bridget Hsu, Year 3, Wee Kim Wee, NTU

Chng Ying Ming Kenneth, Alumni, SIM

Cheryl Enmaniol, University of Toronto, Year 2, Political Science

Ong Teng Jun, SMU, Year 2, Social Science

Hydar Saharudin, MA Candidate in History, Nanyang Technological University