NUS president Tan Eng Chye says sorry on behalf of NUS for how voyeurism case was handled

Two strikes policy should be applied to minor offences.

Belmont Lay | April 23, 10:31 pm


The National University of Singapore (NUS) has apologised for its handling of the voyeurism case brought to light by its student, Monica Baey.

Email to alumnus

In a Tuesday, April 23 email to NUS alumnus, the university’s president Tan Eng Chye said: “We are sorry that she had to surface her concerns on social media for the university to take notice.”

“We fell short in providing her support from the start, and we apologise. We hope to set things right. NUS does not condone nor tolerate any form of sexual misconduct on our campuses, and we will take a hard stand on unacceptable behaviour to keep our students safe.”

This is the letter:

Too lenient

Baey’s post gained traction over Easter Weekend.

NUS confirmed the case was investigated by the police.

The undergraduate perpetrator was given a 12-month conditional warning.

This meant that if he commits another crime during the period, he will be charged for the earlier offence and the more recent one.

Review disciplinary frameworks

Following public outrage, NUS was prompted to convene a committee to review its disciplinary and support frameworks.

The committee will share its findings and follow-up actions in the new academic year, which begins in August.

This is after studying the approaches taken by other international institutions and soliciting views from various stakeholders.

Two strikes policy too lenient

On Monday, the university was criticised after it revealed its “second strike and you are out” policy in which a student found guilty of sexual misconduct for a second time will be expelled.

The policy has since been met with criticism.

Members of Parliament that The Straits Times spoke to said the “two strikes” policy should be applied to minor offences, such as fighting in campus, being rude to lecturers, damaging common property and others, while zero tolerance should be exercised for major crimes of a sexual nature.

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