Muslim man paying respects at S’pore Taoist/Buddhist funeral earns praise for gesture

This is what Singapore is about.

Tanya Ong | April 8, 03:21 pm


In multicultural Singapore, it is crucial to respect different cultures and beliefs.

And according to a Facebook post on April 6, one Muslim man earned praise for doing just that.

Mutual respect

In his post, Zahid Zin said that his wife’s aunt married a man, Adi, who converted to Islam.

Adi’s mother had recently passed away, and so, Zahid’s family went to pay their respects at what appears to be a Taoist or Buddhist funeral.

There were also photos of Zahid at the funeral:

Photo via FB/Zahid Zin
Photo via FB/Zahid Zin
Photo via FB/Zahid Zin

In his post, Zahid said that other peoples’ “cultures and beliefs must be respected” as we live in a multicultural society.

He added that this was a good “teachable moment”.

Praised for gesture

In response to the Facebook post, many commenters praised him for the gesture, emphasising the importance of religious harmony in Singapore.



This is his post:

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