Mother & son in the Philippines melt hearts playing on makeshift bedding beside traffic road

It is a popular game for Filipino families to entertain their children.

Mandy How | April 24, 09:43 pm


On April 11, 2019, Ameniel Del Mundo posted two Facebook photos that touched the hearts of many, prompting over 22,000 shares.

The post, initially captioned “Proof that happiness is a choice. :)” depicts what is likely a mother and son duo playing on a makeshift bedding beside heavy traffic.

Del Mundo also uploaded two photos:

Photo via Ameniel Del Mundo/Facebook
Photo via Ameniel Del Mundo/Facebook

Other than the makeshift bedding, the two only had a backpack and a few more items with them.

Happiness without material things?

Subsequently, Del Mundo added that the photos were taken at the tramo-airport road in the Philippines.

He also explained that the game they were playing is a popular way for Filipino families to entertain their children.

What struck him, however, was how happy and contented the pair looked, even without much material possessions:

“Amidst poverty and without any material things, the mother and her son remains to be happy and content and could be seen playing around.”

The scene stood out to him as he was stressed and grumbling about work issues in his car, Del Mundo told The Inquirer.

Although he has been trying to locate the family, another post said the endeavour has not been successful thus far:

Original post:

Top image via Ameniel Del Mundo/Facebook 

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