People are taking really nice photos at Marina South Pier & it’s not even on Instagram


Mandy How | April 30, 04:09 pm


Marina South Pier is yet another spot in Singapore you can take pretty photos at.

While there are less posey/artsy shots of the area on Instagram, Chinese social media site Weibo is moderately populated with such photos.

For instance, these azure scenes from user 白龙马和黑猫警长 (which roughly translates to White Dragon Horse and Inspector Black Cat):

Or this one from 芫六 (Yan Liu):

And by Echee_大旭:

These photos by 丿SKY丶 were likely taken in the morning:

You can easily access the area by MRT.

For those of you interested in heading down, the pier is also a short journey away from several islands that can be explored:

Island-hopping ferry trip from S’pore to St John’s & Kusu Island available for S$18

Top image via 白龙马和黑猫警长/Weibo

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