Man uses sledgehammer to show his displeasure at RM2 million KL condo’s furniture & fittings

Not the luxury he was expecting.

Jonathan Lim | April 13, 2019 @ 01:50 pm


Another day, another video of an unhappy man with a hammer.

This time a man supposedly paid RM2 million (about S$659,000) for a condominium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He was unhappy with the furniture and fittings that came with the house.

The video starts with him showing how the sliding doors to the toilets and bedrooms were poorly designed, with only a small hole to open the door with:

The lady opening the door is apparently a representative from the property developer. The man said that even the lady struggled pulling the door out with her slender fingers, what more with his thick fingers.

The video transitions to the man marking out supposed cracks on the marble floor tiles, with a can of spray paint:

He sprays several more later in the video.

The video transitions again.

This time the man is in a different outfit. He dons a construction helmet and protective goggles.

Throughout the video he repeatedly mentions “ultimate lifestyle” and “impeccable taste” which seemingly is what was marketed to him by the developer.

He then takes issue with a side table next to the bed:

“Impeccable taste ah? This is afterthought. This is not luxurious ah,” said the man.

He proceeds to fling the chair against the wall:

The video then shows the man in the living room sledgehammer in hand.

Expressing displeasure at the quality of the marble tiles, the man said he would make his house the new showroom for the development, a claim he will repeat in another video.

He proceeds to hammer the floor a few times with debris strewn all over (we’ll explain why later):

We have to commend him for wearing a helmet and protective goggles as a safety measure, but we also have to point out he was wearing slippers and socks as he did the hammering.

Next he sets his sights on the living room furniture.

“Tropicana director, we operate a company, we know you have to make money. But please. Don’t be so cheapskate. You sell this as luxurious. Impeccable taste ah? Ultimate lifestyle ah? You give me this kind of sofa,” said the man as he proceeded to spray paint the sofa.

And next, we solve the mystery of why there was debris strewn all over the floor.

Turns out the debris was originally glass from a dining table which met with the man’s sledgehammer:

Here’s the full video of the man’s quality inspection of the house:

In case you can’t see the above:

In a separate video, the livid man had choice words for the developer.

He said that he would “make it a mission” in his life “to screw your Tropicana reputation down the drain”.

He said that he bought the unit from Hong Kong and that he had connections in China, Taiwan, and Singapore.

This second video appears to be filmed before the man worked on the house with the spray paint and sledgehammer. He appeared to be addressing the developer directly.

He said he would “smash some of the things” in the house and make the house the new showroom of the development. He added that the house would be open 24 hours for residents of the development to see.

He said he was sure other residents also had the same defects on their marble tiles as his unit.

Here’s the video:

In case you can’t see it:

A search on property listing portals show that the development is Tropicana Residence in KL.

Several units marketed have the same sofa and side table featured in the man’s videos.

The development was designed by architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM). SOM designed Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and New York’s One World Trade Center.

(Editor’s note on April 25: SOM representatives subsequently contacted Mothership to clarify that the firm was only responsible for the condo’s core and shell, not its interiors. It isn’t yet clear which firm designed or built its interior fittings.)

Tropicana Residences was marketed by Tropicana Corporation Berhad as a “premium serviced” residence to buyers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Taiwan.

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