Maid arrested after parents identified her flinging 5-year-old son to the ground in viral Facebook video

She did not explain or apologise for her actions.

Joshua Lee | April 14, 2019, 02:23 PM

You might remember this video of a maid allegedly tossing a toddler in a field.

According to Lianhe Wanbao (WB), the parents of the boy in the video have lodged a police report against the maid.

WB reported on April 13 that the father of the boy came across the video online, and realised that the people in the video were his son and 24-year-old domestic helper.

Speaking to the WB reporter, the boy's mother, a 35-year-old housewife named Lisa, confirmed that the boy in the footage was her five-year-old son.

The incident

The incident happened at 10am on March 12 at a field near Block 673C Edgefield Plains.

On the day itself, Lisa's son complained that his front and back hurt, and sustained scratches on his back.

He accused the domestic helper of throwing him on the ground. However, the latter denied it and insisted that the boy injured himself while rolling on the field.

Lisa was suspicious because the domestic helper usually brought the boy to the playground instead of the field to play.

"My son said the domestic helper told him that there were birds on the field. So he followed her. The domestic helper kept insisting that she did not hurt him, so I did not probe further," Lisa said.

Saw domestic helper throwing son in Facebook video

On March 14, Lisa's husband was surfing Facebook when he spotted his maid and son in the video. Both husband and wife were shocked.

"I immediately contacted the video uploader to find the person who shot the footage. I was able to verify the time and location of the incident and confirm that it's my son," said Lisa.

Lisa lodged a police report on the same day. When the police questioned the helper, she initially denied her actions. However, she came clean when she was shown the video.

"I asked her why she did it. But she neither explained nor apologised for her actions. After that, the police handcuffed her and took her away," Lisa told WB.

Mother quits job, dares not engage domestic help

Lisa told the Chinese daily that she engaged the services of a domestic helper in 2018 after she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

She said that the helper had been working for them for five months and she had always treated her like a sister.

In fact, Lisa often bought food to share with her and cooked together. She never thought that the helper would do this to her son.

Because of this incident, Lisa said she dare not hire another domestic helper. She had quit her job to take care of her son and nine-year-old daughter. Her husband took on a second job to provide for the family.

According to WB, the police confirmed that they are currently investigating a 24-year-old domestic helper.

More about the videos

A total of three videos were originally shared to the Childcare in Singapore Facebook group.

The footage shows to show a person throwing a young child onto the ground.

In the first video, a person can be seen walking across an open field, while carrying a young child.

In subsequent videos, the person can also be seen swinging and dropping the child onto the ground. The child does not appear to be moving much or showing any resistance.

Top images via Facebook.