Here’s why you really shouldn’t be that irritating person who taps with the entire wallet

Don’t be that person.

Tan Xing Qi |Sponsored | April 10, 06:24 pm


Don’t you hate it when this happens during peak hour?

Your appointment is in another 30 minutes time. You have exactly 29 minutes to get to the destination station. A brisk walk will take you there right on time. BUT this person right in front of you is placing the entire wallet on the gantry and tapping the wallet against it umpteen times. Because multiple cards are detected.

Repeat after me: NOT. AGAIN.

Indeed. The act of placing the entire wallet full of cards on the MRT fare gantries is as common as a scorching, sweaty day in Singapore.

The aforementioned scenario is a classic case of card clash.

What is card clash? Is it edible?

Fact: Most commuters have multiple payment cards in their wallets. This may cause MRT gantries or card readers on buses to pick up multiple cards, thus slowing down the entire tapping in and out process.

This, in a nutshell, is called card clash.

And here are some legit reasons why you should take out your card and tap to avoid card clash.

1. You might be charged more than once

More often than not, we have multiple contact cards (ATM, credit, the lot) in our wallets.

Which means, the likelihood of seeing this:

Source: LTA

That’s actually the least problematic part.

What’s more problematic — or at least, more painful — is having to pay *gasp* TWICE for a single journey.

Consider these scenarios:

a) Fare gate detects one card upon entry, and another different card at exit. You will then be charged for two incomplete journeys.
b) Fare gate detects a card upon entry and quickly detects another card upon the same entry. You will then be charged twice for the same journey.

Double the payment, double the heartbreak.

2. But my travel card is not in my wallet, ok right?

So you place your travel card in your mobile phone cover.

Good for you. But the gantry might detect your mobile phone instead if your mobile wallet is active.

Although the bank card linked to your mobile wallet may be the same as the physical one you are carrying, if you tap in and out using the different payment modes, you will be charged for two incomplete journeys.

Here’s the appropriate moment for a surprised cat.


This is because each payment mode has a unique virtual account number. Hence, you might end up being charged for two incomplete fares.

3. You slow down the entire line

The most obvious reason why you should stop all your taichi-esque theatrics at the gantry is a simple one: you will slow down the entire line.

Which is sin numero uno during morning peak hours.

Unless you are ok to be tsk-ed or glared at, please try not to do this.

The MRT station is not your taichi courtyard.

Then how?

Simple, just follow these three steps:

  1. Open your wallet five steps before gantry
  2. Take out your travel card
  3. Tap and enter the station like a rock star

A smoother journey has never been easier.

This sponsored article by LTA makes this writer take out his travel card and tap to avoid wasting money or getting judged for wasting other people’s time.

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