Man causing commotion at Bugis Street eatery tries to flip table, lady seated at table completely loses it

Unexpected intensity.

Tanya Ong | April 20, 2019 @ 11:33 am


A man and a lady recently got into a spat at an eatery in Singapore, which appears to be at Bugis Street.

This was according to a viral video uploaded by one Alex Lim on April 19:

The video has gathered more than 6,000 shares and 1,000 comments since it was uploaded.

Lim only had one word to say about the five-and-a-half-minute footage: “Boliao” (a dialect term which roughly translates to “nothing better to do” in this context).

Man causes a scene at the eatery

The video starts by showing a man, who is wearing a black shirt with the word ‘security’ on it, making a scene at an eatery.

He is seen yelling at people, but it is unclear what the commotion is about.

One lady dressed in a black T-shirt is seen trying to hold the man back.

Screengrab via FB video/Alex Lim.

A lady, who is seated at a nearby table with a man and a child, looks up several times and appears to notice this commotion.

Other than that, however, she appears to go about her meal relatively unperturbed.

Screengrab via FB video/Alex Lim.

Lady loses it once he tries to flip her table

Nearly three minutes into the video, the man appears to try and flip the table that the lady is seated at.

At this point, the lady shouts and raises a chair at him.

She also throws a drink at him.

After some yelling, the man says to the lady:

“Sorry ma’am, sorry, ok? Sorry!”

The lady then says, “f*ck you”. She grabs her bag and is seen moving out of the camera frame.

Screengrab via FB video/Alex Lim.

The man is then seen shouting at someone who is off-screen. He also apologises to the dining companion of the lady.

Throughout the entire video, people in the eatery can be seen attempting to mediate the situation.

Subsequently, police officers arrive and are seen speaking to the man.

Screengrab via FB video/Alex Lim.

This is the full video:

Top photo screengrabs via Alex Lim’s video.

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