JJ Lin reveals six-pack abs after gaining 50 million followers on Weibo


Zhangxin Zheng| April 29, 02:36 PM

JJ Lin is probably the most popular Singaporean Mandopop star and songwriter right now.

He currently has more than 50 million followers on Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter.

And that number is still on the rise.

Fan service for hitting 50 million followers

Hitting a new milestone comes with a fan service from the 38-year-old singer.

Lin is now having concerts in various parts of China as part of his Sanctuary World Tour.

Earlier on April 6, 2019, Lin promised at his concert in Suzhou, China, that he would reveal his six-pack abs once his Weibo account achieves 50 million followings.

The hype over Lin's body started before the concert.

Previously, Lin posted a video of him shirtless at a basketball court.

However, his body was covered with pixelated edits when he turned over to face the camera.


Charity concert in the pipeline

Three weeks later, Lin posted a one-minute video of him showing off his bod on April 27, 2019, as promised.

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Lin proceeded to lift a barbell of weights while clarifying that he still hopes people to focus on his music.

With that, he announced the next reward for 60 million followings will be a charity fan meet.


Online reactions

Many followers were, however, more concerned if he would catch a cold in Shijiazhuang, China, where Lin just had his concert.

Here are some screenshots from the comment section:

Translation: Bro, please keep warm.

Translation: It's such a pity that these abs are not used as a washing board.

Translation: Charity fan meet???!!!!!! 60 million is the real fan service ah!!!!!!!!!!

Translation: Finally broke 50 million!!! Finally got the fan service!!! Looking forward to 60 million!!! But bro, Shijiazhuang is too cold today, you better not remove clothes at the concert, ok?

Translation: I feel like a pervert for laughing while watching this video

Translation: Bro I love you! Your music and your everything! Tonight you should wear more!! Cold!!! Wait for you to sing

Translation: Ah big bro!!!! Wear your top!! Don't catch a cold!!!

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