Jerry Yan casually meanders red carpet at Star Awards 2019, interacting with fans & shaking hands

So cute.

Mandy How | April 14, 11:42 pm


Usually, when a celebrity walks down a red carpet, he or she might throw some customary nods and wave to their fans, as well as answer some questions from a reporter.

But not Jerry Yan.

Instead of a posey catwalk, the 42-year-old star of F4 fame casually strolls down the red carpet, taking his time to mingle with his fans.

You can watch two videos of it here:

With him moving from one barricade to another barricade, one might be forgiven for thinking that he looks adorably lost.

In case you can’t see the videos:

Yan makes an effort to reach for many of his fans’ outstretched hands, smiling benignly as he bestows some dead skin cells on them.

On at least one occasion, Yan leaned in really close to a fan:

“Genuine dedication” to fans

The above fan also wrote that Yan was so “accommodating” that he wanted to accept all of his fans’ gifts at Changi Airport, even as the crowd swarmed him upon arrival:

The star could be heard saying, “Haven’t been here for so long” and “Long time no see” in response to his fans.

Another fan tweeted that Yan is “always open to new experiences” and has “endless genuine dedication” to all his fans.


Top image via @kris_ly_14 and @jerry4you77 on Twitter


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