Huawei P30 Pro memes about its 50x zoom are hilarious

That picture of the black hole is amazing though.

Nyi Nyi Thet | April 11, 2019, 09:29 PM

Huawei has made a knack of rather impressive cameras.

This version has the much touted 50x digital zoom.

Here it is.

Photo by Rachel

Now their camera, memes aside, is already quite impressive.

Image from Rix Media

But like all rather impressive machinations, hilarious exaggerations are far better.

Most of the memes are about how impressive the zoom ability is, or exaggerations on the phone's quality.

Image from Viral Pictures

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A more recent take on the meme coincides with the very first picture of a black hole.

Here's the black hole for those uninitiated.

Image from Event Horizon Telescope

Here's an absolutely breathtaking photo of the light being sucked in.

Image from Event Horizon Telescope

Here's how they did it.

Here are the Huawei memes playing on the idea that a Huawei P30 Pro could basically do the telescope's work.

Image from Huawei club
Image from Huawei's subreddit


Here is some actual Huawei camera stuff

And here is an article on the very first picture of the black hole

Image collated from Facebook

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