Grab driver with speech disability has the cutest note to inform his passengers about it

He also reassured passengers of their safety.

Mandy How | April 13, 02:30 pm


Sometimes, really sweet Grab drivers go the extra mile for their passengers’ comfort and safety:

S’pore Grab driver gets out of car & waits with female passenger at lift because it’s past 2am

Kind Grab driver helps passenger to locate special needs sibling at no extra cost

And here’s another case, shared to Facebook page Miri Community (Miri is a city in Sarawak, Malaysia), of an earnest Grab driver who just wants to reassure passengers of his service.

Here is the driver in question:

Photo via Miri Community/Facebook

And this is the note he uses to introduce himself:

Photo via Miri Community/Facebook

In it, the driver explains that he has a speech disability that doctors have been unable diagnose, even joking that “perhaps the audio system in [him] is wrongly wired” and that he is actually “so hilarious”.

After reassuring passengers of his capability in bringing them to their destination, he gives them three ride options: A silent ride, a therapy ride, and a friendly ride.

In the second option, the driver offers his shoulders for passengers to cry on, while the last option consists of him smiling and winking at them from the rearview mirror.

The driver then ends the note by thanking the passenger for using his humble service.

The user who shared the post wrote that it is “funny” and “innovative” of the Grab driver to introduce himself this way.

The post has since gone viral with more than 3,300 shares.

Top image via Miri Community/Facebook

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