Grab S'pore now has trip planner function, to include hotel & movie booking soon

Quite useful even if you are not a Grab user.

Joshua Lee | April 23, 2019, 06:42 PM

Grab is well on its way to becoming a super app.

The ride-hailing app announced on Tuesday, April 23 that it is adding four new services: hotel booking, video streaming, movie ticket purchasing, and trip planning.

Planning your public transport route in the Grab app

Of the four, the one that's already available is the Trip Planner function.

Using the Trip Planner, users can view all public transport travel options with real time arrival and departure times - including trains and buses.

Users will also receive first-mile-last-mile transportation options that they can book immediately to and fro the public transport section of their journey, hence giving users more certainty and better planning.

Here's what it looks like on the home screen:

Inside the Trip Planner, you can fill your locations and it will provide you with various public transport routes. Scroll further, and you'll also find a GrabShare option.

Click on the option you want and it will expand to show instructions, including which exits to take:

Notice in the screenshot above that you can toggle to a Map View of the route. This is helpful for users who need the actual map to find their way around.

The map looks a little unrefined compared to the usual map that Grab ride uses, but Grab assured that this trip planning feature is still in its nascent stage; more improvements will be made.

You can also filter according to transport types and route types:

Note that "Train" and "Underground" do not mean the same thing. "Train" here refers to railway. If you want the MRT service, click "Underground".

According to Grab, the data are gleaned from public sources and reflect real-time public transport arrival and departure times. There's even an "Alerts" section that culls public transport notices like route diversion or service disruption.

The Trip Planner also factors public transport disruptions into its calculations.

According to Grab's Group Head of Product and Design, Jerald Singh, the Trip Planner function is a "big hit" in Jakarta.

Grab says that it is currently looking into integrating GrabPay into the function so that users can just pay from their Grab wallet directly.

At the moment, users of the Trip Planner still have to whip out their EZ Link cards or Mastercards to pay for their rides.

Book tickets and hotels on Grab too

Other new features that will be rolled out by Grab include hotel booking (via Agoda), movie ticket booking (via BookMyShow), and video streaming from HOOQ. These will be rolled out progressively.

Here's what they will look like on your Grab home screen:

Courtesy of Grab.

The hotel booking feature has been rolled out to selected users in Singapore. It will be available to all in May 2019.

In the future, Grab users will be able to enjoy free personal travel insurance, flight delay insurance, as well as ride offers with each hotel booking.

Similarly, the video streaming service will start in May. All Grab users in Singapore will enjoy two months of free HOOQ content when they subscribe via the Grab app.

HOOQ is video on demand service that launched in the Philippines before expanding to Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Singapore.

After two months, it will cost S$7.98 per month, payable with GrabPay.

The movie ticket booking feature will roll out in June.

Grab is also bringing food delivery into its super app:

Top images via Joshua Lee.