Cyclist who struck lorry’s side-view mirror in viral Pasir Ris road rage video fined S$2,800

Cheung also expressed remorse for his actions and wished to stay in Singapore long-term.

Zhangxin Zheng | April 12, 08:16 pm


The cyclist involved in one the most viral road accidents in 2018 was fined S$2,800.

The incident involved 57-year-old lorry driver, Teo Seng Tiong, and 35-year-old cyclist, Eric Cheung.

Just in case you need a refresher, here’s what happened last year:

Cyclist at Pasir Ris whacks side mirror of lorry, gets knocked off road by lorry shortly after

Pleaded guilty to two charges

Cheung pleaded guilty to two charges on Apr. 12, 2019.

According to The Straits Times, Cheung was charged with committing mischief for whacking the side-view mirror of the lorry which triggered the road rage incident.

District judge Marvin Bay had this to say:

“I note that the action of launching a back fist against the side wing mirror was plainly a deliberate act of mischief. Your act of mischief has some attributes of a road rage incident but I do note that there was no injury caused to the lorry driver.”

The other count was for an offence under the Road Traffic Act.

In his mitigation plea, Cheung claims he was an avid cyclist who had been cycling in Singapore since he started working here.

He mentioned that he passed a cycling proficiency test when he was nine years old.

Cheung also expressed remorse for his actions and wishes to stay in Singapore long-term.

Cheung was fined S$2,800.

Life turned upside down after the accident

Cheung’s personal life was said to be greatly affected by the hullabaloo after the footage went viral.

His lawyer, Sarjeet Singh, claimed online trolls and negative comments had caused Cheung stress and anxiety attacks. 

Cheung had to seek psychiatric help as a result of it.

He also resigned from his job as an account manager.

Lorry driver’s case still pending

Both Teo and Cheung were charged in court on Jan. 16, 2019.

Teo also faces two charges – one for acting rashly to cause hurt and another for not making a police report within 24 hours of a car accident.

Teo’s case is now at the pre-trial conference stage.

Under the Penal Code, the maximum punishment for the charge of acting rashly to cause hurt is an imprisonment term of one year, or a fine of S$5,000, or both.

As for the second charge of not making a police report within 24 hours of a car accident, the maximum punishment is either a fine of S$1,000 or a jail term of three months.

Top photo from Road.sg video screenshot

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