S’pore lady’s coffee tasted different after coffeeshop uncle retired, finds out heartwarming reason why

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Nyi Nyi Thet | April 10, 10:16 am


Instagram user Jing Ying had been ordering drinks from the same uncle at a coffeeshop in Tampines for about a year.

Coffee that she really enjoyed.

So when that very same uncle retired, she started noticing how different the coffee tasted.

She thought it was just a mental thing at first, from missing her favourite coffee uncle.

Image from Jing Ying’s Instagram

It turns out, there was more to it.

All this time

When she made a passing remark to the auntie manning the store about how the coffee just didn’t taste the same anymore, the auntie revealed the reason.

And the reason was that the uncle had been calibrating a special mix of coffee for her.

He had taken note of her coffee preference, and had been making a personalised cup of coffee for her all this time.

Not only that, he did it at no extra charge.

In fact, the uncle had been doing the same thing for most of his regular customers, remembering the style they liked.


Image collated from Rinseion’s Instagram

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